Egyptian music guide

every day i’ll introduce some classic egyptian music with some info about artist and genera
note that arabic music is so ritchie and heart moving because its tone uniqueness , some people like it some don’t , between black and white piano keys there is a have of a tone difference all eastern music have a quarter of a tone in some notes

Try it and tell me if like it or not:face_vomiting:

artist Ammar Elsheriey
song elzeny barakat ost


what the heck, youre wierd man and i like u

is this the kind of eastern song in 2019?
i like the more medieval arabian song vibe, u know the epic sultan stuff

do you know where can i get some? if its a game or film soundtrack it’s even better


welcome !!
no it is a classic tv series
i will post some every day here

That intro getting sampled for hip-hop thanks lol

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Canadian ballerina Diana Calenti asked him to right music for her
every day she place som oriental perfumes to inspire him
she did that for 9 days!!
artist Omar Khayrat
album sorceress and magical perfumes

artisr Ammar elshreiy
song ra’fat elhaggan ost
tv show from 80’s about egyptian double agent.

artist Mahmoud Effat
song science and faith ost
old tv show by a famous atheist trying to mimic Carl Sagan

live version

artist Angham
song Akteblak taahoud (a pledge for you)
for me she is no 1 female singer in Egypt


enjoy :slight_smile:

artist Amr Diab
song wlaa ala balo
he is no 1 singer in Egypt an middle east , multible times music award winner

song nour elain (habibi)

song taali

please use a sub woofer or quality headphones :wink:

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Artist asala nasri
song bent akaber
She is a Syrian singer but she sings Arabic southern Egyptian accent her voice is so powerful
and she is so talented

Some Muslim religious shit
great music talented singer

Was gonna say: he’s the only one I know. :slight_smile: Found out about him because Tamally Maak was included on some Buddha Bar compilation (or was it a Café de Mar? I always confuse those):

(There’s also a ridiculous English-lyrics cover of it by Outlandish, if someone wants to cringe.)

I downloaded everything I could find and kept more than half of it 'cos he’s really good, real melodic and emotional. This is another piece that stood out to me:

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Tammally maak is one of a kind song it has a musical sentences so simple and powerful in the same time good choice my friend thanks.

Artist Mohammed hamaki
song bahebak kol yom aktar *every day i love you moore)

Title reminds me of a Greek-Egyptian collab Amr did with Angela Dimitriou:

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