đź”· Emotiva BasX A-100

This is the official thread for the Emotiva BasX A-100. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • High Noise Floor
  • 8wpc at 50Ω
  • Can also power speakers…

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I’m excited this monster got its own thread! I’m about to buy one and in preparation am getting RCA cables for my Mayflower ARC to do a “pre-out to powered speakers” connection to it.

Going by how the ARC works in Z’s review I think I can put them next to each other and plug my easy cans into the ARC, or unplug from there and plug the hard ones into the A-100, and I get my choice of speakers, blistering power for the Argons (with ARC acting as the DAC only), or normal driving with the ARC (though unsure if I can use mic in while using the A-100 headphone out). Might also do a JDS Labs OL Switcher to attenuate -40dB to the A-100 (per good ideas on the head-fi thread) so I could do all driving from the A-100 with more safe play on the dial. These all sound like words but I don’t know what the heck I’m doing yet, haha. All I know is to mark that volume dial and keep it low!

Anyone using this in the wild? What are you driving? What does your stack look like?

EDIT: And as a side bonus, I see the size of this absolute unit is just about as big a footprint as a “shoebox” SFF computer case… I would love to see a case sitting on top of one if it doesn’t make it too hot. That’d be a heck of a stack!

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I own the A-100, but only use it to power some Infinity R152 speakers and occasionally my Audio Technica ATH-M50’s. This is one amazing amp. I bought this to replace my Sony 90W per channel receiver, and somehow this 50W per channel amp opened up the sound in a way I can’t explain (mostly because I suck at explaining things). It’s a great amp and fits well on my large desk. It’s definitely overkill for my M50’s, but still sounds great nonetheless. You don’t have to worry about it overpowering any of your headphones if you have not removed the jumpers, but without them removed, I believe they can still deliver some decent power. You cannot use a mic with this amp, it will not work. Also, I wouldn’t try putting your PC case on it, but it is pretty heavy duty and it has not overheated once in my care. It has a heatsink and a fan and I haven’t seen the fan kick on once and the amp is always cool to the touch.