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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews…

Saw this, pretty interesting emotiva is getting in the headphone game. Didn’t really see any more info on it outside of this video from steve, can’t seem to find it on their site either lol


The derth of info elsewhere is odd. Still, color me curious on this one. Emotiva has a strong reputation for good price/performance ratio. I will not complain if they translate that to the headphone market.

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When I first saw that I was really hoping they might introduce a budget amt headphone into the market (since they do a solid job on budget amt in speakers) but that’s prob too much to ask for a first entry into the headphone market lol, a dynamic is fine if it sounds good

Looks wierd enough for me to be interested.


Interesting. I don’t think it is particularly overpriced, seems pretty alright. It is using the same carrying bag as the Sivga stuff, and the metal plate looks like the same material that Sivga SV-II/Sendy Aiva/Blon B20 use - so it will be quite interesting.

Have to say that I am not a fan of the non removable headband. I personally think it would not only be better for the longevity, but also for the design if the headband had a suspension system and a removable headband.

Overall, looks pretty alright. Always nice to see new headphones :slight_smile:

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One more review, from a more “headphone centric” reviewer.

That would be incredible, but I think it will take some time before we see this. According to Frederik Knop, HEDD had a lot of difficulties with the HEDDphone, and the man has been working with the technology for years.

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Open back, quality strong bass, tempered highs. If this is true there’s definitely a space for this under $500 :+1:


Oh yes it’s no easy feat lol, the hedd was good but still pretty noticeably not refined and not something I would personally buy yet, it needs a lot of time to mature

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I’m curious how these are going to compare to the TYGR.

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My boy Josh Valour thought they were decent but wants to see the AMT tech incorporated in their drivers going forward.

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Your boy Joshua Valour makes the highest quality videos (in my opinion). Seriously enjoyable to watch. Love that dude, deserves a larger following

I’m pretty sure there are similar people, but I don’t know any others with high quality cinematography.

To incorporate AMT technology, Emotiva would have to put some serious amount of work into developing it. It would be interesting to see!


Im getting these on Thursday. I’ll put my initial impression on here when I get them


His videos are high quality, the content is ok, but he has a bit too much snobbery.


I’m surprised they didn’t make something hard to drive to pair with their 100 series amp.

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Maybe that is the next step? Try a cheapie first and see how people react. Maybe the next set is $499/$599 and pairs well with their amp.

IF these work out. :smile:


I guess that depends on your budget XD


Market entries are rarely high-end or budget.
Got to have some room to experiment.

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Well, let’s just say affordable for most. :grin: