Endgame speaker system

I see lots of posts about headphones, but not so many on the forum about speaker setups.

If you could have an endgame speaker system, be it with turntables, amplifier, DAC, streamer or whatever, what system would you have and why?

Mine would be the CornScala type C with the Mcintosh MA6500 amplifier and Cambridge Audio CXN V2 streamer and DAC.

Why? Because I have always loved the Klipsch sound, and whilst the CornScala isn’t made by Klipsch, it is made to imitate both the Cornwall and LaScala with a mixture of their components plus third party components.

The McIntosh MA6500 apparently has the same similar sound to the MA6300, but with tone control, and I am a sucker for tone control. Whilst you can get a similar sound at cheaper prices, who doesn’t like the look of Mcintosh amps? This is endgame after all.

I always find streaming easier than using CD or Vinyl. I have never gotten into either so a streamer is the way forward for me. I have chosen this streamer because not only does it have a built-in DAC, but it shows the album cover which is massive for me as I still want to still see them without having physical copies.

So, if money was no option, what systems would you all have?

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Ah, good man and we have similar sound signature preferences. I can’t afford my endgame but it too would be custom CornScala’s that i want to make some day. Innuos Zen MK III server, Shindo pre-amp, w/ Shindo Amp (doesn’t matter which Shindo’s, I would take any). Lastly there would be 2 Rhythmic G25-HP subs.
There is also a completely active crossover system I have been thinking of with many seperates but that would require allot of engineering and cost as much as an entire house, so it would never actually happen. We can dream tho…

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true, to be honest, my endgame can be realistic in the 5 year-long run, but not at this time.

I didn’t put and consideration into subwoofers, but now you have mentioned it I might have to look at some.
Why would you pick the G25-HP over other subs?

I used to own similar style that i blew years ago. My personal preferences go towards deep loud club style bass but i want better control and the Rythmic, though i have not heard them, seem to have all the qualities i look for via spec sheets. I guess the no-holds-barred money is no object would be the big JBL’s, or custom passive models where i make the enclosures myself. Transmission line with big 18’s or 21’s, and a gaggilion million watts…

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Read the story of ELPipe-O, thats what i want…


aha nice, I listen to a mixture of everything so deep sub would be good for electonic stuff and turn it off or keep it on low with other music genres such as classical or rock.

I would need a sub that would be quite tight and punchy though.

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It can be had, for somewhat reasonable price…we are dreaming tho now. Hell i would build an entire house around the music if i could!

I got the ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers and a Onkyo A-9110 Integrated Stereo Amplifier. i get some awesome sound out of these.


So you don’t feel a need to upgrade for the foreseeable future?
What would make you upgrade

We can discuss subwoofers for days, people make a big deal over them. I don’t stress it too much. I have what i like now and it didn’t cost me a gazillion $$$$…LOL


Dual F25 gang. Rythmik subs are great


I want an ultra high end surround system with something like kef reference or focal utopia speakers as the front 3 channels powered by monoblock amps. Something heavy duty like pass labs, ps audio or those chord ultima 3 740 watt amps. In wall or dipole for the rear channels powered by a multichannel amp

I understand its unfeasible with what I make but I’d love to have a nice ultra quality home theater for the amount of movies I watch

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At that point its just a cannon. Point then at your neighbors house lol


“Your wife might even let you keep them if you put a good finish on them…” HAHAHA
Yeah, those have a WAF of -10


One looks brutal, let alone two.

I love the subheading ‘the party incident’

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House with proper large room and acoustic treatment.
32 channel Genelec sound system with the Biggest and Baddest SAM Master Studio speakers and sub’s there is.
Proper PREAMP that can handle full digital format.
Then i can hook any other music system to that also, what i want… in future.
Streamer with uncompressed audio support.


Dang, never miss a sound lol. That might end up being a pita to set up but that would be well worth it for sure lol

I think I’m gonna stick to 2 channel to avoid the headache (for now lol)

The amount of eargasms (and that too :wink: ) would probably be the end me before going completely deaf. At least you could feel the sound after hearing is gone. :smiley:

I have had good practice with current 11 channels to probably would not that bad.
Of course i would have minimun 2-3 engineers to fiddle and set everything perfect… or a good second opinion.


Lol yeah, I would be pretty lost/dissatisfied if I didn’t have my studio designer help me with the ongoing process for designing the building and the interior for a properly treated and calibrated setup. And that’s only 2 channels (well and two subs). I would just be losing it with 32 lol

I’ve heard it said before, it’s a lucky man that finds a bottle of wine he loves for $30 dollars. The same logic applies to the audiophile world.

The fantasy is fun but the reality is that even if I could, I wouldn’t have patience or passion to be one of these million dollar set guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7lxYAaJ_oo&t=742s

There’s a point, I guess that point is different for everyone, but when it become more about hearing or celebrating a system more so than just enjoying the music. I never want to live in that neighborhood.