EQ for Windows?

Hi all,
I’ve have a pair of T50-RP MK3s. I love them. I originally had the Shure alcantara pads on them, but I upgraded to Dekoni elite hybrid pads. The only thing I do not love are the highs, they hurt my ears. I want to put them up louder so i can get more bass and mids, but the highs are preventing me from doing so. Is there an EQ program that is decent where I can tone them down just a little bit? I could to it in foobar, but I’d like to be able to use it on my Tidal stream as well. Also, if there’s a better area of the forum to post this in, lmk, I’ll move it over there. Alternatively, I’m open to modding them a little bit to tone down the highs. maybe stuffing some cotton in the cups??


You can use Equalizer APO with Peace and it’s pretty great. I would head over to the t50mk3 thread for modding ideas

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That’s exactly what I use. Equalizer APO with Peace skin/UI

works great. Allows you to create multiple profile when you have more than one headphone

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This is it, right?

That is correct

Thanks! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

This is the peace addon


Your going install APO first then peace

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Holy shit, thank you. This is so much better.