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This is the official thread for the Fostex T50rp. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Need Pad Swap
  • Amp needed!
  • Semi-Open Back

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Jaash Valore


Hi!, does someone recommends these for jazz music?

I wouldn’t in a million years
For jazz you want something that’s smooth in every frequency
And the Stock (and most modded) T50RPs are far from that

The highs are shrill and recessed at the same time
So sometimes they hurt your ears and other times they’re lacking in detail

The mids are fine but not fast or exiting and the Subbass is lacking
Not the mention the horrible distortion that sounds like rattling with some tracks

My recommendation to you would be HD58X, DT880 600ohm, or HifiMan HE4XXs for around the same price

Huh… so… neutral?

Many resonances at many different frequencies but at other frequencies there are major recessions

Vibriolabs kit with proper tuning = best T50 mod or on par with Ori and Argon.

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How much sound do they leak?
Would it bother someone sitting next to you on a bus?

I don’t think so myself I love mine and wear them lots of places

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So I just did this. T50RP vs T60RPs.

Graphs with volume adjusted:

Obviously there’s also soundtage and you can run them balanced etc. But if neutrality is your only goal (i.e.: home studio, etc…), I’ll go for the T50RPs.

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Does anyone know any slim pads for the T50rp’s? I use them for monitoring so I like to have the driver a lot closer to my ears and the stock pads are starting to show some wear(btw sticking foam under them making them angled fixes the comfort issue) .

You could just get replacement stock pads.

Finally ordered T50RP MK3s for home studio use. Waiting. Ordered Shure 840 pads to go with them, just to try. Why? Because I found this graph (well, this green line).

I don’t even remember where the green line comes from. I just put it over the blue/red (left/right) stock T50RP MK3 graph from diy-audio-heaven. But if there’s one chance the result is just a bit like that, considering I want neutrality but I’m treble-sensitive, these headphones plus these pads will be perfect.

(And no, I’m not interested in modding them.)
Will confirm here if it worked well. :slight_smile:

Well, I hope it turns out well. I do know someone who has 5 t50s with Shure pads (podcast setup), and he really likes them with the pads

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Finally got them. First impressions after like 30 minutes: Easy to love + “planar silence”.

Tried them with the original “pancake” pads, excellent treble clarity, but clearly not enough bass. They were like HD58X (they aren’t “supposed” to be: They’re closed-backs). Not even 5 minutes later, I put Shure 840 pads. Yup, that’s it. :smiley: Still excellent treble clarity, but bass, too.

Basically if you want HD280 Pros with detail and a bit of soundstage (and that’s what I wanted, yes!), that’s it, that’s all, no other mods needed. I won’t say the green line is accurate (see above)… It’s better than that. They’re neutral. The treble is definitely there. Close to perfection for me, especially for home studio use. :heart:

Fun facts:
-This silence. They’re my first planars. Their speed… You clearly know when there’s absolutely silent parts in songs. Especially in electronic music where silence is “perfect” silence (zero hiss).
-I suspect one of the main reasons they’re “semi-closed” (a tiny bit) is so you can actually drink or eat something, or just swallow your saliva, without your ears getting blocked. Lol. Couldn’t do that with HD280 Pros.
-I can drive them with my old Samsung Note 3. Lol! 100% is too much on electronic songs and one click lower is okay.

So, yup, again, Zeos was right. They get my recommendation (with Shure 840 pads only) for neutral, detailed headphones.



Still, on my amp, my HD58X are at 40, and the T50RPs are at 60, for the same volume. I fucking need to get used to this. For the second time today I pressed “play” with HD58X with the volume at 60. And it was electronic music.

FUUUUUUUUU :stuck_out_tongue:

Rip ears. Now you will be checking your levels every time lol

It’s either that or a long life of jumpscares lol.


I get earraped by my m11 sometimes when I used balanced, so I don’t have headphones on when I plug them in now lol. It just decides to output full volume high pitched noise for around 10 seconds and stops regardless of anything like 25% of the time.

Ouch!!! By the way someone had a similar problem with a THX AAA portable… the volume would go up to 100% randomly. :confused: (It’s in the amazon comments).

Well that would be a surprise lol

Are you still going to use your 280 pros often now, or have the t50 kinda taken that role now?