EQ's and ways to EQ

Probably been done before (think I asked) but how do you see it…hard/software or just no?..

I know there will be a lot of “no’s” but personally I like to EQ when I think it will improve the sound or if I am in the mood for a particular listening experience. Tracks were EQ’d when they were mastered, so I am not sure what the big deal is. It also helps people like me who are hearing impaired. Right now I am doing it via software but if I could find a balanced HW EQ solution I would seriously look into it.

Talking about the new Lokius in that thread and asking where to put “official topic” EQ stuff…

@joshua_g say’s…just throw stuff like this in with dacs and be done. just like dacs, they modify the sound.

Is this how you see it?

Not down on @joshua_g just interested if other folks feel the same?..I don’t EQ.

As far as where to put the topic… Yes, I think the Equipment/Electronics/Gear/Accessories area is a good spot for it. Create an “Ofiicial” EQ topic. Just my $0.02…

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Better to have an EQ and not use it than to need one and not have it.


For software equalizer, Peace Equalizer that bases itself on your system’s sound card is the way to go: Peace Equalizer, interface Equalizer APO download | SourceForge.net

Each headphone or IEM can be EQed respectively, and it’s easy to switch back to system default if you just want the original tuning of the headphone.

Goes well with oratory1990’s EQ presets (Harman target or his own): https://www.reddit.com/r/oratory1990/wiki/index/list_of_presets

i just feel theres not enough, nor ever will be, of them to warrant a catagory imo. other equipment works as well. no matter where you put it, its going to be thrown in with other stuff. i agree that i dont feel it needs its own catagory is the big thing.

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I mainly use Peace + EQ-APO when on Windows and the RME ADI-2. When in the living room, I also have the Loki. The ADI-2 is still the only good DAC with full parametric EQ. So it’s the choice if you don’t like application based EQ but need better precision than the Lokius.

Even after two years of trying I often still can’t get good results when EQ’ing by ear alone. So lately I’ve been equalizing based on measurements on the EARS rig. It’s worked better than anything for me so far.

Lol that was your very first post.

Probably need to spell out equalize because “EQ” isn’t a searchable term

Absolutely yes, probably the best way to save money and not have to buy headphones for 2x the price and 5% sound improvement. :slight_smile: Also the only way to adapt a headphone’s sound to your HRTF and achieve true neutrality - can’t be done without EQ, you have to get insanely lucky for a headphone to just fit your personal HRTF straight up.

And software, because I can theoretically take that with me when switching hardware, but so far I’ve only used that capability for different DACs connected to my phone. I don’t listen critically from the PC because of its PSU fan noise, all I do here is sample music before buying, so I didn’t care to transfer my settings over from the phone (would have to find some convolver for Linux, as my EQ settings on the phone are saved as impulse response files to be put through ViPER4Android’s convolver).