EU Import Costs

all stores in Norway where i live sell super overpriced.

both the arya as well as the clear both sell for the same price at 2300$ to give you an example, i know because ive cross checked all stores in this country, on top of all of this there are extremely few stores with exotic heaphone gear to demo and when there are its often only one brand, like audeze. Any of you EU guys have the same trouble?

do you guys know which online resellers take requests on declaration prices?

Im also from Norway, and more than half my headphone related gear is imported. Some of it is not available in Norway, so importing is the only option, and if it is available i have still saved money paying up the import tax/vat when buying from elsewhere. I have seen some DACs and Headphones that isn’t that overpriced, but in general Norwegian prices are quite high compared to most other places :confused:

Speakers and speaker amps i have bought here in Norway though, as shipping from abroad on larger items often gets a bit expensive. Also, if i would have to return an item, shipping large speakers or speaker amps abroad from Norway is also crazy expensive…

Headphones here are somewhat overpriced, but not horribly so - the ones that are a “good deal” are usually priced at MSRP + VAT. Of course most retailers sell them at higher prices.

Few ones are even a decent deal - Beyerdynamic 1990 Pro are under 400 euro, for one, but that’s the best deal I know. But there are almost never any sales, so it’s usually cheaper to import something on sale than buy it locally - for example I saved $350 by importing my Elears from the states DESPITE the fact I had to pay tax and customs fees.

Hi-fi speakers are worse - no deals to be found(maybe by negotiating with dealers directly but I have no experience with that) and prices are so high that when I was looking at buying Triangle BR-03 it was 20% cheaper to import them from some random retailer in Austria than buy locally. Studio monitors and pro audio stuff is actually ok, average prices compared to Europe and for some cheaper than in the States.

its just a bad country to be an audiophile in, for real. If you wouldnt mind, could you help me out by digging for the places you’ve imported from? i dont wanna be a bother though. anyone what so ever that you know of that takes declaration requests? godt nyttår

Don’t really have too much exotic gear, but this are the places i have used : and for headphones and amp/dac, and a few purchases on and (mostly accessories like cables, “banana plugs” and such)

Oh, and i’ve had a few orders from (pads for my koss trio of ksc70, porta pro and kph30i).

so not sure if that helps too much, but perhaps someone else have a few good recommendation for online audiophile webshops that ships internationally?

I’m not in Norway, but… has a decent selection and it’s in EU. Prices also seem reasonable.

You could also try, they are geared more towards the pro market, but they have some HF products aswell. I ordered my T5Vs from there. Orders over 300€ get free shipping.

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hey thanks anyways!

i dont think those guys take pricing requests on the shipping declaration but thanks. i already asked thomann.

i think its lawbased because ive had no luck with neither european or american resellers, asians have always been willing to declare the product to requests and i have saved hundreds on doing that but those often have wonky warranty policies, like 70% refund on returns and stuff like that.

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What’s up @Tommy, I’m from oslo my self and I totally agree with you. It’s not the best market for audio gear, not much else either to be honest. Also, lots of the high end streamers and amps I’ve been recommended in audio shops around the city has no YouTube reviews at all…

Wouldn’t try to get a reduced declaration deal though, it might bite you in the ass if they bust you. Then you’d get penalty tax on top of it all…

I’m ordering everything from abroad

hi there. so about declaration its actually not your fault technically because its the seller that does the changes needed to be able to ship it cheaper to the buyer so i dont see how there would be elaborate enough laws to punish buyers for a mere request of importation but i dont know enough to say for sure so maybe you do since you are saying these things.

i dont see how you would be in trouble with authorities for this, its the seller that stands for the export of their products not the buyer, ive saved houndreds of dollars doing this. i think that if you are going for local recommendations you will most probably never get a good product because with that the chances you end up with a snake oil product skyrockets. Community is everything

IDK for private people, however a company may even get reported to the police for tax aviation

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Headfi used goods…or know someone from the states and be willijng to wait

correct, asians willingness to not be bothered by following requests make me believe the rules in asian countries are different, or not, i just dont know enough about the laws

How else would the heavy wheels of taxing and byrochrasy and trade deals and importing work.
It’s official and they and you need to inform product cost’s and shipping so you can import, plus tax’s get paid. On what is agreed.
It’s tax avoidance. If all cost’s would be cheap, concerning importing.
It would stop the local companies from selling anything, every one would import everything. That’s why you need to pay u’r share of cost’s if you would like to import.

Big companies / resellers won’t do it and there can be big penalties.
Also it’s more work cost’s to change something, everything is so automated.

A small private company might do it if asked nicely. Company that makes xxxxx product and you buy directly.
Resellers in EU, US… nope.

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im not community involved enough to know how to navigate both the people and sites, otherwise that would be a brilliant option

If you choose standard shipping on they will pay all taxes etc.

What are you looking for specifically ? We are both community members and I’m happy to help - I and I imagine others here keep pretty active eyes both places.

Here take a look at the headphone specific potion -

headamp mini or violectric v280/v281

Both these tend to get grabbed up quick…PM me some price ranges and I can keep you updated when available and if you need, and potentially front the buy for you if you’d like

oh wow okay? you sure? seems like a lot, you dont need to do that