Ever had a headphone that slowed down the music?

Ever had a headphone that slowed down the music? its like this headphone is not playing the song fast enough. like theres a tempo dial that was turned down just a little. is this just my imagination?

I mean this could be largely physiological, this can happen with people’s mental and physical states can cause music to sound slowed down or sped up. There is of course some quicker and slower headphones, but they don’t make it sound like the tempo has changed


Wouldn’t a dynamic driver headphone with super slow decay fit this sound?

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Its the Audio Technica ath-ad900x. and its a dynamic. ive heard it with other headpones though

Even with a very slow dynamic, it won’t adjust the tempo or anything, it will just start to almost blend sounds or create a long reverb or softer hits, it’s not going to really affect the perceived tempo of music

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Gotcha. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a headphone that slowed down the tempo at a level noted by Ant. But I have experienced my gear attributing to tempo decrease, especially when playing YouTube videos.

Let me clarify lol, im not saying the tempo slowed by a lot. just a small amount

For it to be that noticeable though, a little goes a long way…

Gear gear contributing to a slower sound like a darkvoice and a 6xx vs a magni heresy and sundara or something like that makes sense, but again that shouldn’t really mess with tempo all that much. I would say the audio technicas aren’t really that slow tbh, but if you compare it to an elex or fast planar/estat it might be a tad slower. I would say the presentation might make it sound a bit slower perhaps, or just getting used to the signature

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Is there a particular song or type of song it happens with, and does it happen with different sources?

I want to say you can get some gear that changes the delay of the decay, like put less time between the notes. Nothing will change the tempo of the song itself though.

Like filters on a DAC or DAP, right?

Oh Jah for sure :peace_symbol:



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the only time I had slowdown music is when the batteries were dying in my walkman. made for laughs as a lil kid! :slight_smile:


LOL, I used to get a kick out of that when the tempo slowed down to a crawl…kinda sounds like modern day mumble [C]rap :laughing:

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Lol yeah, it’s impossible for headphones or speakers to slow down the music obviously… the DAC always does the same job at the same (exact, exact, oh so fucking exact) speed lol. And the DAC never “knows” what headphones you use. It just sends everything to the amp.

But yes, smooOoOooth headphones, or damn accurate fast brutal slamming planars, can make you feel like the tempo is slower or faster. A ton of psychological things too. And/or drugs. Including coffee.

Anyway, what are those headphones? :slight_smile:

Only time I’ve ever heard music slower was in -40 c weather and my Bluetooth heaphones and phone were struggling to work


Everytime… with every headphone. After a night out with magic shrooms.
Also works with TV and speech… cooking also takes like 4ever. Like c’mon rewind the tape with pencil while it’s playing on microwave.

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Have you experimented with any new psychoactive substances lately?

I remember this one time, we were listening to Dark Side of the Moon and…

On second thought, never mind. Not gonna tell that story in public.