Exceptional short films

Not the most popular category, but sometimes you see one of these 40-minutes-or-shorter pieces that’s so well done it sticks with you for decades.

Like The Third & The Seventh from 2009, a fully* CGI film by Alex Roman.

* there are 5 elements used in the whole film that are actual footage and not CGI
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I haven’t watched this one in a long time but I know I enjoyed it.

Are the short films supposed to musical? The first films that come to my mind are ‘The World of Tomorrow’ parts 1 and 2. It’s a scifi dark comedy about clones and time travel. Unfortunately, they can’t be streamed anywhere unless you rent or purchase them on Vimeo. They really are worth watching. If you’re cheap you can always go pirate them.

Unsatisfying Trailer:

Some other truly remarkable nonsense by the same artist:


Well, as long as they’re not music-videos, which have another thread in another subforum, I guess anything else goes, as long as it’s “cinema” (not cat videos :stuck_out_tongue: ). Hell, even some rare well tought-out commercials/infomercials might qualify, though I’d stay away from heavily politicized ones like the “Educayshon” one above.

I’ll edit that one out for you. What about anything with a religious message?

I mean… if it goes into “how all of society should behave because that is the only right way to behave” it becomes political, so… it ends up in the same category of stuff that’s gonna annoy a lot of people and sour the atmosphere. Religion can be a perfectly fine topic for artistic expression, but only when the art is not pushing beliefs about how everyone should feel obligated(!) to behave.

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I’mma just going to leave this here… :roll_eyes:

That made me think of Ash’s voice in this short.

The remastered version of that clip is actually included in the video I posted above.

Besides the first one I posted, this is the other one I still remember really well.

Im a fan of bobby lee and seeing him acta serious role is kinda nice, a little rough but the hardest Ive seen him act in a role for a long time considering hes a comedian and is a comedy actor for the most part.

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Not quite sure if this fits, but i thinks is a great little “film”

Climb Dance

and this is a bit in the same vain, although the mythos surrounding it is probably more fascinating than the movie itself in some ways…

Rendevous C’était un Rendez vous

A nice student film I came across on Newgrounds:

There is a really really good short film show on PBS called Imagemakers. Of course there are duds from time to time. There is something about a well curated show that i cant skip around in that makes it special. Its like a good film class. I may not like everything presented but it allows me consider things i may not have otherwise been able or willing to.

I highly recommend it if you can find it.

World of Tomorrow episode 3 is finally out. Haven’t watched it yet. But I still highly recommend you all check out this series

Soren_Peregrine here just reminded me of one short film producer whose stuff I’ve enjoyed on several occasions and whom a lot of people might already know from his work on The Witcher (some of the game trailers but also the first season of the Netflix series): Tomasz (Tomek) Baginski.

Some of his best non-Witcher stuff:

“Fallen Art” (dark comedy)

“Ambition” (a promo for the European Space Agency comet landing mission Rosetta, feat. two Game of Thrones actors)