Exciting but accurate IEM under 1000$

Hello everyone,

I just created my Account here but if been a silent reader for a long time!

I am still searching for THE right IEM to my taste.
I listen mostly to:

1.Electronica, IDM
2.Indie Pop, Trip Hop, Vocal Pop
3.Classic Rock, Rap
4.sometimes Piano and Folk

I kown its a wide range :sweat_smile:!

I have a few IEM’s at home but im locking for an upgrade.
I thought the Thieaudio Oracle would be this, its an accurate Set but to me it lacks some excitment so i sold it.
I like a little trebble energy without sibilance, accurate bass and good imaging gets me excited!

My budget is around 1000$ (900€) and i have 5 IEM’s in my mind but not the Chance to hear them so i need help!

  1. IBasso it07 (640€ on EBay)
  2. Kinera Nanna (820€ on Ebay)
  3. Moondrop Variations (440€ on Amazon)
  4. Moondrop S8 (599€ on Amazon)
  5. Thieaudio Excalibur (550€ on Amazon)

If you heard some of them or even compared them i would love to hear your thought!

My IEM’S right now:
AAW AXH / KBear belive / Blon bl05

I wonder why you only mention hybrids and tribrids, and you are not focused on a dynamic driver -DD ?! This will be quite suitable for your library.

Hey i have the KBear belive and i like it a lot for rock Musik! I just like the micro detail in the midrange from the BA’s i heard more.
Could just be that i never had the plesure to listen to an higher end Single DD?!
Which Singel DD do you have in mind?

Zen pro, Oriolus isabellae , Simphonio RX10 …

The Oriolus Isabellae looks just stunnig!!
Have you heard them how is thier sound signature?

I have the zen and zen pro currently. And they are ridiculously engaging for me. I was hoping to compare against the isabellae and the fd7 soon. It’s not decided yet, but I will let you know if it moves forward.

Zen’s should be on your list.

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If you looking for tribids, you should avoid Variations for Classic Rock, Rap and some EDM.

EJ07m (with tanya filters) will prolly be the choice between those tribids if you looking for dynamics and slam - and you can get it cheaper on aliexpress.

Yep plus 11.11 :+1:

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Dudo can even give a nicer discount if you ask them + free express shipping. Strong pick!

In OP’s case, I’d pick it + a single DD/Planar (Oxygen for 200$usd on 11.11, as an example) for the sweet sauce of variety. Dunu is also doing a 11.11 sale so Zen + EJ should be around 1k or less :slight_smile:

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Ohh thanks that are a few options!!
So its probably smart to watch out for the 11.11 sales…

the only problem i have with the Zen i don’t really like round shaped IEM’s because they just don’t feel as secure in the ear.

How is the Vega 2020?
Its on Ebay in Germany for 499€
Someone listen to those?

The EJ07M has a cool look!

07m + Zen, 07m+Isabellae, 07 OG + RX10, Zen pro+ FH7, FD7 + O2. The first and second combination are great for me!

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Take a look at the official shouer store on ali…they have it at £380 with free shipping as well.


Okay the Dorado also look a bit round.

Thanks for your help…

I will let you know if i try something

Just curous what would you like to change with reguards to the AAW AXH since its pretty much what you are describing already. More body?

Anyways Tri i3 pro would be my rec. Anyways I take it you have a good source to drive the AXH already?

Tip rolling helps. I have found slightly stickier tips of exactly the right size for your ears help a lot.

I have gotten the zen to fit perfectly. However, allergies change the fit in each season.

Hey the AXH is good in the trebble region i like the Soundstage and imaging a lot. It also was my first real iem and got me in to listening with earphones…
However somtimes i wich it had more “omph” a bit more punch and low end.

My source is most of the time a BTR 5 and E1DA 9038d.

There is also a TRI Starlight for 500€ on ebay… at least this on got trebble energy :sweat_smile:

Where? :slightly_smiling_face: Dudu?

Im not sure, you can try. You need coupons for that. I think the link on my list is for shenzen audio! But you can always try dudo. It’s the first store I go to.