EXPENSIVE Albums you want to buy?

I was looking for two album that my brother and i wanted. He wanted Leessang - Asura Balbalta and found it for 50$ in korea! So of course we didn’t buy it. Coming back home looked for it and found it for 238$ on amazon! lol. We knew it is rare due to the disbanding of the group and label but man. And then i was curious about possibly my favorite album of all time Spiritual State by Nujabes and i found it for 32 bucks. NICE. But the vinyl version was 328$!! Holy shit, again i understand that it is rare and a super collectable but still haha. So i’m curous as im positive that alot of people here collect albums, whats the most expensive albums you want or have??

Pretty much any album on reel to reel lol

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haha those must go for alot lol

If I had billions of dollars and a time machine I would get this arguably the most expensive album, of all time


I don’t collect media…all streaming n stuff, so no issues. :slight_smile:


whoa looks fancy. What album is it?

I don’t know why i expected you to have like boxes of cds like many people here lol. But yeah streaming no clutter. That’s the great part about digital. The Asura Balbalta album i mentioned costs the price of a normal album if you just buy it digital lol. I guess it would be crazy if they tried to spike it up


yeh, I have no room for a collection of music. and if I did, I would likely have it ripped to stream from a NAS / PC or something, so this is what makes sense.

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I love the reasoning they had for making that one!

Hey bro i have a closet sized room lol i feel you. But i don’t collect much either, have maybe 10 albums

yes, I recall this being discussed in a thread on music sources previously.

I think I would like to collect some CD’s or LP’s in the future of some instrumental, perhaps opera.

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ohhhhh interesting. If you were to collect them what would push you to do so? Getting a bigger place? More money? or maybe only after getting a cd player or record player from someone wuld push you to do so?

well, when it comes down to it, I could have a spot that I let a few dozen CD’s or LP’s collect in. like M0N has said, his are all piled into milk carton’s…they probably hold a good 50 or so and that foot cube of space isn’t much really.

actually, just dawned on me, if you don’t use the space under your bed, there are rolling drawers you can buy that fit a CD collection perfectly. dimensions allow for so many deep by so many rows.

a lot of it has to to with smart use of your space. :wink:

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Oh that’s correct! There’s always a way of collecting stuff in small spaces! I guess that’s why building exist the way they do ha. Or you could literally just hang them like pictures around your rooms and stuff. Personally I’m not generally into collections so mine is more small and won’t grow much more than 2 albums per year and that’s stretching it too

This is my humble collection

I guess another Smart use of my space might involve not buying world atlas sized albums *cough cough

I think I can get like 100 or so in the milk crate in their jewel cases

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100 CD’s…that’s a lot of CD’s and a lot of ‘capital’. how are they for holding LP’s?

Well I have at least 25 of those crates stacked up. Soooo lots of cds

gonna put up shelving in your sound room to make them easy access? :wink: