Expensive Comfortable Open Backs

I am looking for comfortable and amazing sound open back headphones right now on my list are the
Meze Empyreans
ZMF Aeolus
What would be better for long use 6+ hours?
What would be better for a warm more relaxed sound. I want something that Isn’t gonna make me go I need to take a break from these.

Is there any others I am missing?

Define comfortable lol. What do you like and what do you not in that aspect?

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some what light not going to make your neck hurt after the listening session. Pads that don’t push your ear against your head. Clamp that Doesn’t squeeze all the snot out. Also My HD58x After really long sessions make my jaw hurt from the bottom of the pad pushing on my jaw bones.

Well, the audio technica ADX5000 might work well for comfort, as I find those pretty comfortable, but to get the sound you like you may want a tube amp. Sony MDR-Z1R could be something to consider but that’s a more controversial pick lol. Klipsch Heritage HP-3 meet the sound requirement but comfort is average

I will say that my Verite is very comfortable after getting them

Ah the abyss Diana v2 might be up your alley. Actually that’s a good pick imo. I would personally take those over the Empyreans imo

And one more would be the MrSpeakers ether 2. Great sound and hella comfy

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Yeah the Ether 2 sound pretty cool. Why would you choose Diana V2 over Empyreans? To me The Diana V2 Look so cheap and fraggle.

There’s no such thing as uncomfortable headphones. Just misshapen heads. :alien:


I like the sound better. And also the build is very very good on those and they don’t feel fragile at all. I will say the Empyreans have better materials and feel sturdier, but another benefit from the diana v2 is that you can actually take it places, easily portable and not bulky. They have that natural smoothness and warmth, along with a bit of intimacy that’s very pleasing. Also work well with most if not all genre imo where I think the Empyreans can be lacking for a few genre

Whats a good Hydraulic Press to fix my head? :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

what genres are they lacking in?

I should probably rephrase as I don’t think they are lacking per se, but I should have said that the diana v2 has a more natural presentation than the Empyreans that makes them more ideal for more songs. Both are great, and I can also acknowledge the Empyreans as a complete package. I just prefer the fr of the diana v2 as it’s more natrual yet neutral ish and pleasing to me. I also think it outresovles the Empyreans by a tad. But that being said the Empyreans have a larger presentation and also are less amp sensitive and dependent

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I love my Empyreans, and they are the most comfortable headphones I own, but I will say that they are probably not for everyone. It’s a very dark headphone, and I think for the price you can get better detail from similarly priced headphones like the Verite.

Also, M0N, you already got your Verites? Dammit! I ordered mine at the end of October and I’m stuck waiting at the top of the fulfillment list

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Ye, just recently, like a day ago. Really liking them so far

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Is it warm and dark or cold and dark?

Personally I don’t know if I would say it’s dark but I think it’s not as airy as other headphones. Also it’s warmer and smooth sounding

I guess it depends on the pads, but I’ve been using the suedes recently. Bass is emphasized on tracks where I’ve never heard it to that degree before and I find myself noticing the bass on Beach Boys songs, for example. I don’t dislike it, and to me the tuning works perfectly. Nothing like the Clears, which I would list as my 2nd favorite headphone. Not polar opposites, but different moods. Lots of people love them like I do, but there are many who don’t. I will say you almost never find them used, and there is about a two month wait period last I checked.


I also really don’t like them on my 789, but enjoyed them on just about everything else-especially my vintage Marantz receiver

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Focal Utopia. however, for closed and $1000 less, the Stellia are phenomenal. I didn’t even know they were closed until much later and was reading about them.

I don’t think the utopia was warmer, but the stellia was

MrSpeakers E2, light. comfy, near SOTA bass.