Favorite podcasts!

I listen to quite a few podcasts especially at work as its entertaining but passive enough to be not distracting at work. music is a bt too engaging for me for what type of work I do. Im a big fan of comedy podcasts and true crime podcasts as well.

my favorite podcasts are

super funny entertaining definitely not for everyone but a podcast for those who love true crime, aliens , conspiracy theories taken in a comedic route. I’m the type that loves rabbit hole like conversations so this is just a podcast is great for someone like me super fun.

chiluminati is a more tame in terms of humor podcast than the last podcast on the left. Hosted by streamers off twitch really well done very well researched I love this episode. covers the Genious insanity that is Andrew W.K. a party loving rockstar.

Dark poutine is a true crime podcast based on Canadas darkest or weird side of history as safe and nice this country is we got some fucked up or people or general weird occurrences . I love this podcast very respectful and towards the victim and really humanizes and show off how lovely the victims often are

I also love my comedy podcasts

I’m a big fan of bobby lee and his podcasts are a nice peak into the world that is the comedy and acting world from the view going of a working comedian and actor. I also love his and andrew santino’s chemistry just overall really funny.

not that joe rogan needs a shout out hes is the biggest podcast in the world ever but like I cant say I don’t listen to every episode that comes out when they come out. just a great host with some awesome guests


I recently stumbled upon

I think he mostly does cold cases.

JRE of course, he’s the benchmark to all podcasters imo.

Jocko Willink, especially like the MACV-SOG podcasts he did with the unit veterans, they had crazy stories.

He also started a new podcast The Thread with Martyrmade and it talks about the Iraq war, mistakes made and Saddam Hussein regime’s connections to the terrorist organizations the war sprawled.

I used to listen to The Fighter and The Kid and Bill Burr’s Monday Morning podcast, but I lost interest after some time.


I’ll be sure to check those out.

Personally I tend prefer NPR style podcasts. Although my Favorite podcast is Hello Internet which is hosted by Brady Haran and CGP Grey.

Here’s I post I created where I also brought up Reply All and 99% Invisible. I’m pretty sure literally no one bothered to listen to either of them lol.

An old one that the trio don’t make anymore, but serves me well as I fall asleep every night. Truly one of the funniest things I have ever heard in my life and they made hundreds of episodes I believe. All clips can be found on YouTube.

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Joe Rogan Experience, that’s it… I don’t have much downtime and work does not allow us to wear IEMs or headphones.

This video always cracks me up.


yeah same here not really my style of podcast

I mostly listen to motorsports/F1 podcasts, such as For F1’s sake, The Race podcast and wtf1 podcast

I do listen to a few others too now and then, like /reply-all/, Joe Rogan, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and i watch Linus Tech Tips WAN Show pretty regularly.

There are a few Norwegian podcasts i do listen to too, like Konspirasjonspodden, where they discuss different conspiracy theories and related material like UFO happenings with a humorous and lighthearted tone…


Hardcore History seems intresting, will definitely be giving that a listen.

I also like to listen to TIK, although he doesn’t do it in a podcast form. He tries to give impervious perspective on WWII battles. I really like his Battlestorm series.

This Past Weekend - Theo Von (gang gang)
You Up - Nikki Glaser
Making Sense - Sam Harris
Armchair Expert
Dave Ramsey
Ben Shapiro


I listen to a lot of podcasts. Probably my favorite is “Pop culture happy hour”. really fun reviews of movies and pop culture.

Also “99% Invisible” really interesting podcasts on a variety of subjects on the things in our world we dont notice as much but still have a large impact:

And of course Fresh Air. I hear its the number 1 podcast. Not sure about that but it is popular and everyone seems to know about it from celebrities to important public figures, writers and artists. Its been a show playing on NPR for years:

Still Untitled with Adam Savage. Ive been following his career from his days at Myth Busters to Savage Builds. We seem to have the same interests sometimes. Podcast covers making, movies and pop culture:


Stuff you missed in Histroy Class. I love history so this podcast covers a lot of events all across the board. Very interesting:

Jocko is awesome.

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My go-to non audio podcasts are Radiolab and StarTalk. I love the production and story telling of Radiolab.


Ive been listening to this podcast the last few weeks a really fun horror/absurdist comedy podcast that tells dark short stories and imitatesa a christian church service as the intro and outro before and after the story is told. its really fun if your into dark humor or are into short stories leaning to the darker end off the spectrum

Damn JRE will be moving exclusively(including video) to Spotify at the end of the year.

Since I listened to the Thread podcast, I decided to give a listen to Darryl Coopers’ Fear and Loathing in New Jerusalem. It talks about the beginnings of Israel and the whole Israel-Palestine conflict.

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only reason why I havent moved to amazon HD or tidal yet is because I listen to too many podcasts and too many of them are spotify exclusive as well. interesnting they are including video as well that probably means they are setting up for a video streaming service for podacsts and Im gussing music videos as well which would be really interesting especiially with how integrated they are to a lot of streaming devices like consoles and our pcs which is pre installed

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I think that Youtube is more accessible, more users = larger viewer base. I do wonder if that many people are going to listen or watch his podcasts after the move to Spotify. I doubt that I will be seeking out his podcasts when he moves to Spotify tho.

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My wife and I got into Criminal for a bit a few months ago.

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Most of my podcast are related to video games or music, but I do also listen to Roll4It.

Great for anyone who enjoys Role Playing Games (shadowrun, Warhammer, etc)