Favorite track (if you had to choose one)

This is mine:


cant decide between this
or this

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Deep Purple’s April comes to mind.

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Current favorite. So much awesome stuff!

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Were you the one who recommended Regina for the female vocalists? Because I’ve been hearing Fidelity ever since! So I’m really really really thankful!

Duuuuuuude! Thnxxxxxxxx! I’m listening to it right now and it’s super good! Thanks alot!

yep I love regina spektor her entire library is full of gems begin to hope is my favorite album from her.

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If I had to choose one this is it

Yes - Awaken


my man throwing down a classic nujabes hands down produces the best love songs. don’t even get me started on luv sic parts 1-6

Third Eye -TOOL, gives me chills every time I listen to it.

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Something from King Crimson, but torn between 3 tracks. Larks Tongue in Aspic I, Fractured, or Starless.

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All Floating Points Compilations ROCK !!! :+1:

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If Ihad to choose only one , for music and lyrics, then…

One? Not possible. Can I pick at least 200 for the spot of the favorite track? :joy:

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This is my top-of-the-list-song to test any audio equipment. I don’t listen many music with vocals, so yeah

I like what I like:

LCD Soundsystem - oh baby

Your song might be great, but is it worth using as a forum name? Mine is.

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Rush: Camera Eye from Moving Pictures

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