FD7/FH9 Competitors?

Looking to pick up FD7 and/or FH9, because I loved a lot of what FD5(and Timeless!) had to offer(bass, detail, stage size/air/accuracy) for FPS games(and music!). But maybe there’s a better overall option? My concern with FD7 is: too tame bass, and not enough treble extension? My concern with FH9 is: too much bass, and poor tonality(probably perfectly fine for gaming)?

Not a fan of ThieAudio currently, except Legacy 3. Currently using Timeless, quite happily(treble a bit bright, and not as technically impressive or spacious as FD5). Tried these and wasn’t impressed: Oracle, EST112, Starlight 4(most realistic treble I’ve heard, except extremely bright/shouty).

  • EJ07?
  • EJ07M x HBB?
  • Xenns Up?

FD7 wise I dont think you get a replacement that is similar. So if you are a fan of fast DD I highly rec the FD7.

Hmmm well honestly FD7 bass is quite aggressive dynamics wise so it shouldnt be too tame unless you want quantity over quality. Also interesting that you mention not enough treble extension, FD5 not enough extension for you?

FH9 I feel is made mainly for music, Smooth warm and rich with no sib whatsoever. Not really something I can rec for imaging.

If you want a more V shape fiio I can rec the FA7s, that should have enough bass and treble for wub wub.

There is always the MiM Dark Magician as well if you want a more vocal centric iem.


Nothing is similar to FD7, at it’s price, you are saying? So, should I essentially get an improved FD5 with FD7?

From reviews, they say FD7 bass is LESS than FD5, which worries me.

FD5 had amazingly extended treble…! But from FD7 reviews, they say it’s rolled off.

hmmm I should say FD7 is fun and aggressively tuned with the correct peaks without overboosting either the bass or treble making for a natural yet very coloured listen with very good extension in both the treble and bass.

Yeah its darker then FD5 but that just comes at a cost of being less V shaped. Basically I think of FD7 has a super OG hana with the speed and detail of a totl.

Oh yeah if you are refering to Superstar and BGGAR I would say its because the FD7 isnt broken in. That DD needs work put into it for it to shine.

When I say nothing similar in the price bracket I mean it, sure the tuning is similar to FD5 but less boosted but the speed and impact is way faster comparable to the dunu luna.

If speed isnt your thing and you want to maintain the V shape ish I can rec the Acoustune HS1657 for a much more textured listen.

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Can you speak of the drawbacks of EJ07M x HBB or Xenns Up? I would immediately assume a soundstage, imaging & breathability performance loss, without them being semi open-back. So far, I haven’t heard an “EST” driver I’ve liked, also, which seems to be putting FD7 at the top so far.

Why is there no official FD7 or FH9 thread on this site? What… :s

Sorry I cant speak for the EJ07M since I havent heard it.

Xenns Up is a much more intense listen form even the FD5 imo. Very upper mid focused. I wouldnt say the Xenns Up has a serous performance loss in the soundstage as its about the same but imaging wise it doesnt come close to the FD7 which is pinpoint within the stage. The Up I would say is more traditional chinese tuning so if you like that and lots of upper mids microdetails being elevated(to unnaturally loud amounts imo) its a good set. Can see it playing very well with music that involves lots of string and wind instruments and preferably upper male and female vocals. Mids wise its abit recessed but nothing too bad. Bass is also nice and elevated and quite clean midbass focused.

Donno, FH9 I feel is the final perfected from of the traditional warm fiio house sound. But since you are coming from FD5 I’m not too sure how much you will like it since its quite laid back.

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Wow, FH9 laid back? So it’s more relaxing, smooth, warm, less detailed/textured VS FD7? Isn’t FH9 supposed to be more analytical than FD7? FD5 treble was of course too sharp/intense, and I think the bass could be boosted more. So a generally smoother, warmer/bassier FD5 sound would be great.

hmmm you sure you arent mistaking the FH9 with the FA7s? with reguards to fiios current totl

FH9->FD7->FA7s in terms of analytical sound.

FH9 has quite the reduced mid/upper treble making it quite smooth and relexing listen. Together with the smooth and rolling bass and mids its generally the one of the last things I’ll think off with analytical. If anything old analogue sound similar to noble sultan would be my closest comparison.

Just curous if you want a bassier FD5 you want more bass body or more bass impact?
Also if possible can you provides a couple of songs to go off so its easier to narrow down any alt recs?

Interesting… FD7 would seem fine for detail, then, and not being overly smoothed or exaggerated anywhere. Oh, one thing I absolutely LOVED about FD5 was how incredibly clearly separated/individualized the bass/mids/vocals/treble/etc were from each other. Never heard anything like it before.

Um, I think (a little) more overall bass “power” from FD5 would be perfect. I recall the impact being good, just the volume/amount wanting a +2-3dB boost or so, to fill the sound out a little. Possibly because the treble was too much/unbalanced. The sharp treble was a bigger problem than needing more bass, however. Basically similar to Timeless balance would be great.

FD7 vs FH9?:

Brian Eno - And Then So Clear

  • Most natural/realistic?
  • Most natural sounding bass?
  • Most enjoyable?

Buckethead - Bird With A Hole In The Stomach

  • Most natural/realistic?
  • Best separation/clarity of bass/mids/treble/etc?
  • Best sense of space/air?
  • Most engaging?

PUBG Footsteps Test

  • Which can you hear the enemy movements best with?
  • Which can you hear the enemy location best with?

Ronald Jenkees - Magnetic Moment

  • Most technically impressive?
  • Most detailed?
  • How would you adjust each IEM to sound better here?

glaciære - Sinking your toes into warm sand

  • Clearest/cleanest/least congested?
  • Most natural sense of space?
  • Most immersive?

Lustmord - Black Star

  • Most engrossing, without sounding overblown/congested?
  • Most detailed?
  • Most extension?

Rob Martino - Differential

  • Most natural/correct?
  • Most enjoyable?

I have an open box set of FD7’s if you don’t wanna pay msrp. I just bought a EJ07m and was blown away by the soundstage and separation. Then went an ordered an OG 07 lol. Don’t know if selling or trading is allowed on here but I’ve got almost 20 trades on AVexchange - u/SpeedWalker90. Let me know if you’d be interested


Oh yeah testing on a Fiio K9 pro AKM both with stock cable and tips if that matters.

With reguards to the BUBG footsteps test honestly both will work. FD7 has sharper angle of imaging though if thats what you mean by better.

With reguards to Magnetic moment
FH9 would be the better of the 2 as its less sharp and also the warmness assists in creating a nice rich soundscape. FD7 is technically more impressive with its sharper and more precise imaging but the bass decays too fast in this case. Is also abit sharp for my taste on this song.

Sinking your toes into warm sand
I feel FD7 takes the win here, FH9 is quite congested in this song and the syth bells doesnt stand out the same way the FD7 does. Texture wise FD7 wins hands down along with the imagaing with it being quite the playful song with all the panning. FD7 makes it quite etheral. So dispite FH9 having the fuller sound still I would say FD7 is more imersaive as you can see the soundscape around and inside you.

Black Star
FD7 and FH9 both highlight different espects and honestly its a tie imo. FD7 would be for the fine gritty texture and extension. FH9 for the body less about looking down a microscope and more about feeling the music.

Honestly dont do this to me. FD7 sounds like its miced very close to the guitar and you can hear the details of every string pull and slide and personally thats my jam. FH9 on the other hand sounds like you are a meter away and the individual sounds merge together to form a coherent picture. Both I would say sound natural and correct but from different perspectives. Personally I would always go FD7 with strings but this a very ymmv situation.

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EJ07 is still better than the M versions? And you feel 07 > FD7/FH9 all the way? Games and music? I suppose I am concerned about EJ07 bass quality.

Any comments on how Dark Magician compares to FD7/FH9/EJ07/07M/07Lava…?

I prefer the 07 and 07m over the FD7. The 07M def has more bass and a bigger soundstage. But as other people have mentioned the OG 07 is just a special IEM. I think it would be hard to be dissapointed with either.

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Do I gain much with MEST MK2 over these?

Less organic/natural, but a detail monster like most cant. Comes down to preferences. Bass is great on mest mk2, lots of slam

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Dark Magician would not be so good for airy soundstage, spatial performance, and high technical abilities? Nor the 07 variants for stage & air, it seems, compared to 07. My impression so far is that DM is a pure music set, and I was not impressed with Oxygen, except for the natural mids.

Everyone looks for different stuff. I demoed mest and didnt grab it. I would take DM or EJ over it, any day. I love their stage/holographic presentation.

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Can you say if DM sounds as airy, spacious and detailed as FD5 or not? The graph warmth of it looks pleasing, at least.

It’s technically superior, yes. Fd5 was my 2nd IEM and I returned it, so, you might guess my opinion.

Fd5 might have the same stage size or so, by memory, due to it’s semi open design. Has no 3D tho.

I will have zen pro and ie600 soon, so that comparison might interest you.