Feedback on my setup: Ohm Walsh, Adcom and Bluesound

I have the current setup in mind:

Ohm Walsh 1000
Adcom GFA-555se
Bluesound Node 2i

So I need any additional components?
Should I switch out anything, are there better options?
If you had this setup, what’s the first thing you’d upgrade?

Wouldn’t you need a preamp for volume control? I don’t know if the node 2i has volume control or not, so that’s something you should check before you buy, otherwise you might not have a way to control volume without quality degradation.

Otherwise it all looks good to me

Cheers. The node 2i has volume control, via a desktop app, mobile app (I assume), or on the device. I think that’s what you mean by volume control?

But to be honest, I thought that was what people adjusted on the amplifier. I’ve never owned a dedicated amplifier before, but I assumed that people adjust wattage on it for output.

But is that then tied to the volume control on the node 2i? The volume you adjust on that, when it’s connected to an amplifier, adjusts the wattage in the amplifier that it supplies your speakers with?

So when you have a pure power amplifier like that, with no volume control, you control volume by restricting the amount of signal coming into the amp. The amp can only take the signal you give it and output it, so you have to either control volume through software or hardware. So yes, when you turn up the volume on your source gear, it sends a stronger signal to the amp, which outputs more power to the speakers.

You probably want to have a physical analog volume control in your system for a couple of reasons.

  1. If anything fails with your software volume control you can still control the volume without needing a device.

  2. It might be more convenient to just turn a dial and control the volume instead of working through software

  3. When you control volume with software, it actually decreases the bit depth of the audio, reducing the quality. An analog volume control will not do this since it controls the voltage rather then the digital signal itself. Digital volume control quality loss is mostly only really noticable at lower volumes, but it’s still something to consider.


Thanks, this makes a lot of sense. What would I get in order to control the volume with an analogue control?

What do you need out of it? You could get something like the makie big knob passive or jbl nano patch + as a basic line in out volume control. You could spend more on something with a remote and input switcher like the schiit saga s or saga + (has a tube buffer for putting in tube sound). The price can get pretty high on preamps, but I think that a simple volume control would do the job. I currently use a PS audio Stellar Gain Cell preamp, but tbh its kind of overkill.

Edit: i also found this on amazon

And it would most likely work for what you need it to do.

Thank you for the quick reply! I don’t mind paying a premium price as long as it’s a quality product. I will look into the PS audio Stellar Gain Cell preamp. At first sight it looks like I might be able to get rid of my node 2i? If that’s the case it’s looking like a very likely option.

I would actually look at some of the NAD streaming preamps then, since they have more features then the stellar gain cell does. The C 658 has a bunch of features, so that might be something to look into. The Cambridge Audio CXN V2 is also good at a lower price range.

I was told by several people on /r/audiophiles and two different speaker stores to get the Bluesound Node 2i over the Cambridge Audio CXN V2. Of course, the two speaker stores sold the Bluesound Node 2i, and not the Cambridge. So I got the Node.

I’ll look into the C658.

The node is solid, but I just lacks simple volume functionality. Otherwise it is a great unit. The Cambridge does not have as good of a ui as the node 2i

Hey Flyer,
I bought a pair of Ohm Walsh 1000s (cherry) last summer - amazing. Also bought the Ohm wall mount omni directional for the rear channels.

I’m currently running them via a Yamaha AVR, which has done me well, but I’m looking to get a dedicated stereo setup because they are used mostly for music. Not sure if I want to go separate components or an integrated power amp.
I hear good things about the Peachtree Nova 300 (and 150). In fact, Ohm sometimes uses the 150 and a cheap DVD player to demo the 1000s at audio shows. They like the Peachtree integrated amp because it can deliver clean power without clipping or other distortion problems.

I’ve been streaming via Spotify Direct (through the AVR) and bought a Chromecast Ultra this weekend but haven’t hooked it up yet. I know there are way higher end/quality steaming devices, and I absolutely LOVE high-tech gear but I also know this is the most disposable piece of the sound chain. I have several Chromecast Audios throughout the house and for the connectivity, flexibility and price they are great little streamers.

Oh, one important note…maybe it’s just my current setup, but the 1000s have excellent sound in the normal to loud listening range but not the best at low volume. To my ears the bass frequencies (and maybe some of the lower mids) are not present. The lack of bass makes music sound unbalanced. For example, hi-hat hits are crystal clear but they overwhelm the track because the other frequencies are “missing”. I’m considering getting a little tone control (e.g. Schiit Loki) to boost things a bit. But again, that might be related to my AVR, room, etc.

Overall, I can fully endorse the 1000s…they are really special.

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The peachtree nova’s look awesome and sound great. Also super solid amps, plenty of power, and that finish, a looker for sure.

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This makes me very happy to read. Is the problem you mention with the sound at lower volume completely fixed when you play in the normal to loud volume range? And have you tried messing about with the placement on lower volume to balance it (move them closer to the wall etc)?

I’m really looking forward to getting this all set up. The Walsh 1000s arrive tomorrow. Cables on Thursday and the amp is currently MIA, but was scheduled to arrive between last Thursday and this Thursday, so I am patiently waiting. It will be enjoyable to switch out my Beatbox By Dre with broken bass elements with this. I hope the difference will be noticable :smiley:

Your head is going to explode going from a Dre Beatbox to Ohm’s!!!

The low volume issue goes away completely once they get a little power…and based on all my research last year (which was a lot) they do like power. I’ve adjusted their room placement several times but I didn’t care for the sound at normal/loud volumes. This is a relatively common issue with speakers and our hearing. It just seems more pronounced with the Ohms because there is a certain magic with the soundstage, imaging, etc. when they are at a normal volume. Overall this is just a very minor observation, and again, it might be attributed to my AVR.

BTW, get your recycling bins ready. The packaging is crazy.

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I’m getting very excited just reading about this. Like, genuine butterflies.

I think my amp should be able to do them justice, since that’s what Evan at Ohm Speaker suggested. I just hope it arrives on time.

I have heard stories about their packaging, such as one person spending 3 hours unboxing his speakers. I thought he was exaggerating to make a point. Luckily I have a 15 sqft storage room just outside my door, so I should be fine short term.

I completely understand your excitement. Its a big day!

I remember being absolutely tortured when mine arrived 30 minutes after I left for an overnight trip to NYC. I couldn’t wait to get home and set them up.

The other unspoken thing about Ohm’s is they look great. It’s like having two very interesting pieces of high quality furniture in the room.

Keep us posted.

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Do you own a Peachtree or have experience with one?

I know someone who owns one and it’s pretty great for his living room setup. He uses it with kef towers though, so I have not heard them on ohms. I personally prefer separate components but the Peachtree products are really high quality

Thanks for the feedback.
Good to know - I’ve only read/seen reviews.

I agree, components are the best way to go but there is something appealing about the simplicity of a good integrated amp.

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I mean, whatever is more convenient. I use a NAD D3045 for a desktop setup and it’s great