Feel like something great is coming

Anyone see Zeos review of the AKG K371, Beyerdynamic MMX300mkII and Fidelio X2HR lately? He raved about all of them. All cheapies. Its like the technology is getting better and better all the time.

DMS just said that expensive headphones are getting cheaper and cheap headphones are getting better. i’m starting to get excited. I think the next great headphone is around the corner that will blow everyone away. And it will be a cheap one.

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I hope so fingers crossed

I think it’s not really that tech is advancing super quickly, but manufacturing costs and the previous high end is trickling down. But the tech is pretty much staying the same, just getting cheaper

I don’t think there will be a budget headphone that competes with current flagships, but it definitely might become the top of it’s class for the price and beat out older flagships

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it’s been a trend for a while expensive headphones have also been getting cheaper.
but also we did just get the blons. I think audio is just getting less shit because there is now a lot more competition and new interest sparking up in audio gear because I hate to say it people like mkbhd and linus

I think China has a pretty large role to play in reducing the price of quality gear lol. Also with people like Linus and mkbhd, I think they aren’t pushing this hobby that hard, but instead it’s stuff like Reddit or other platforms like it. I think larger tech channels acknowledge there are better headphones out there and they are worthwhile, but I think that pushes people towards more mid-range to entry level audio oriented channels that get the job done lol

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true I guess it was a combination of all the tech tubers showing off massdrop gear that got me interested and then my buddy was the camel the broke the camels back

I guess that’s true, but they really don’t do that much anymore, and recent features have really only been about high end audio like mkbhds obsession with the hd800 and 820 or with Linus and higher end stuff as well (I mean his upcoming video on the abyss will be fairly high end). I think that most people tend to see that but not realize they can get great bang for the buck and not spend a fortune. Not really catering to the middle ground, only the pretty low end or pretty high end

Also I really find it funny when people buy some high end headphones because they have money to burn and don’t really care lol

Yeah. Like if I got to be honest a lot of the tech Youtubers dont seem to have much care for anything in the audio or video field unless it’s like direct lifestyle stuff.

Edit/aside: whenever I see any youtuber talk about anamorphic as the 'correct ’ film aspect ratio I get real itchy because that’s not true in even the slightest

What I’d like to see is koss do another revision of its estat with a better energizer

I’d like kossto just sell what they have with better quality plastics and mmcx connectors I dont care if that comes at a detrement o the price cause I will pay. and if that also improves easthetics then more and more people will buy their shit.

maybe an optional version with detacheable cables, yeah. I’d like to see versions of headphones with no inline microphone personally

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Flashback of a recent DMS video with Abyss headphones next to Koss Portapros on his wall. :stuck_out_tongue:
No, you can’t compare these. Still, he gets it.

The thing about these 3 reviews is that 2 of them are under 130$ and one is a gaming headset. One blows Zeos mind with how good it is (AKG K371) which was unheard of before at 125$. One he loves and far surpasses it past incarnations (Fidelio X2HR) at 119$, and one is a gaming headset that is so good it can be used just for listening to music forget the games ( beyerdynamic MMX 300).

In light of current events this is exciting to me: The M570 comes out for 300$ with sound that is in the 1000$ range class. Very cheap IEMS that are blowing peoples minds at 30$ Companies like Massdrop selling headphones much cheaper and even improved than what they were before. Many websites and companies offering deals on headphones much cheaper than before. and the popularity of youtubers showing people what to buy and what to avoid. The THX tech. DAC tech. CD and HD quality streaming music. This industry and hobby is getting crazy good. whats next?

For portable gear to get cheaper for the tech that are in DAPs they are absurdly expensive. And I don’t understand why people still buy that shit. I understand that they are powerful but they have no right to be so expensive

I mean I use my ksc75s more than I would like to mention lol


For the daps? Yeah the high end can get pretty pricey, but TBH the 300-400 range is the sweet spot now and has some great products coming out. Also it is a more niche market because most people would rather just use their phone and if they wanted better get a portable dac/amp for their phone instead of a player (which might be the longer lasting choice imo)

I just find a lot the tech in it is unjustifiably expensive. Especially if I can get a full fledged decent dac out of a lg g7 thinq and get one on sale from $200-$400 which provides a snappy interface and can use for more than just music. It has a proper high end snap dragon processor to power all the UI tasks and you can use it as a normal phone as well?. But I can pay the same amount for a thick ass DAP that is powerful in powering my cans but the interface feels sluggish and ancient

Perfect bbqing cans I find

Seriously the LG v20 is the perfect budget dap lol


It really is and a lot of the quality of life stuff that comes with it being a phone makes it better than almost any DAP onto eg market for me