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This is the official thread for the Feliks Echo Mk II

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 3x RCA input, RCA Pre Out, 1/4 inch headphone out
  • 380mw power output (doesn’t claim at what impedance)
  • Recommended 80-600 ohm headphones

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Z Reviews…


Some nice glow… received today and fired up for the first time.


Habe fun with it.
Consider the Manual,burn in not longer as 8 hours,:wink:.

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@monkey32 we do.

Oh shit! Hey there gents (and ladies). I have been looking around for some solid recommendations for tube rolling this little dude. Currently running set of NOS Buggle Boys ECC88 tubes and really digging the flavor. What say you kids - what other tubes have you tried? Failures? Successes.

I have several sets of Siemens E88CC as replacement for the 6N1P driver tubes and they are lovely. Superb holographic imaging, tight bass, lots of detail. There are different version of it and so far I prefer the A6 revision form the 70s. Matched pairs go for 150-300 depending where you are located.

As for power tubes I just received some 6N6P Red Tip NOS tubes. Those where pretty cheap compared to the Siemens. Matched pair was about 40,- shipped. But don’t let the price tag fool you… these are great tubes and much better then the stock tubes as well. Waiting for some 6N1P-EV NOS tubes from same seller.

If you are going to source from ebay make sure the seller uses RoeTest and provides the complete test results. RoeTest is a professsional modern tube testing kit from Germany and the only one I would trust.

@MRHifiReviews Do you mind sharing what tubes you rolled with the Echo MK2 and give us some impressions?


Hey! I put together a first impressions live stream awhile back.

Feliks Audio Echo MKII OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier First Impressions Live Stream


Watching it yesterday! waiting for the review

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Yeah. I have watched the stream already… will wait for the review.

It looks like you have the amp now ya? How are you enjoying it? @iliketohideincloset

I am loving it. Worth every penny. Even with the stock tubes pretty impressive. Switched to Siemens E88CC NOS driver tubes and 6N6P Red Tip NOS power tubes. My HD600 never sounded that good… holographic imaging, elevated low end, punch & slam, detail… all that Jazz.

Still on the fence of getting the HD800S but I need to audition them first…

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Is the Feliks echo mkii better than the MLP. Can someone give a small comparison?

Have a MLP in route…will report.


You can’t say that as a general rule.
The MLP is a hybrid amplifier and the Echo 2 is an OTL.

The Echo is certainly best suited for dynamic headphones and less for planar headphones.
Even if it could drive them, the results would be very different.
I guess a Lcd 2 C with 80 ohm would be fine, but then the distortion and efficiency would be very low.
The same applies to low-ohm headphones like the Fostex or Denon.
I got the information directly from Feliks and they recommended the Euforia back then, which was right.

The MLP is better suited for planar headphones, if you believe the reports, it is supposed to be one of the best.
Especially for the price,for Eu people less nice in that respect.because of the customs and tax fee.it is almost 200€ extra with which you have to reckon.
But it is not better the other way round.
The Us people certainly pay this for the Echo too.
And the Echo is a bit cheaper for us.

I am more surprised why the MLP is not yet available in Europe.
Apart from that, it is supposed to be good for dynamic headphones.

It depends on what you have in your headphone collection.
Both are good, both give different results.
If you have more planar headphones in your collection, the MLP makes more sense than the Echo.
If you have more dynamic headphones, the Echo would certainly be better.

The same applies to which way you go later.
It can and will happen that you will have more than one amplifier at home.
Especially if you have different headphones.

This usually starts with buying an Aeon R/T and realising that the drive is not so good, but it works really well with another amplifier.
And still you look for the best fit.
So that happens relatively quickly.:innocent::grin::innocent::grin::innocent::grin::innocent:


I am planning to run the hd800s and t1.2nd. Feliks will be the better choice then

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Yes for sure,:+1:.Have fun with it :wink:

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As I can only find the manual for the Echo MK1 on the Feliks website I thought this might be intersting. This is from the MK2 manual.

Does automatic bias circuit mean I dont have to match driver tubes?

Hii guys!
Have anyone tried the espressivo mkii? it is on sale rn.

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Yes, as far as I know that’s exactly what it means (I own a mk2) … :slight_smile:

Sundara’s sound great to me on it… :slight_smile:

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