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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: NO

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2 minute Twitter review of the FiiO FD5
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— HawaiiBadboy (2 minute audio reviews) (@HawaiibadboyB) December 30, 2020

Loving these.


might have to try these out now that i tried the fh3. It has just made me want more even though its amazing.

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Has anyone compared these to Mangird Tea? Which one has the larger soundstage and meatier bass?

I can. The FD5 has meatier and faster bass. The FD5 sounds more natural. The Tea has more precise imaging and clearer mids.


So, the weakness of FD5 would be the treble fatigue? Do they have more treble ‘edge’ than FH3 with black barrel tips, or about the same? Trying to come up with a list of possible alternatives / FH3 upgrades, with no-holds-barred bass. FD5 vs KBB for example?

It has more quantity than the FH3. But it is more refined, so not specifically peaky. Just that the amount will get to you after a while.

I do not find the FD5 treble to be fatiguing what so ever. I find elevated BA treble fatiguing/annoying. The FD5 has a natural timbre due to it being a single driver IEM.

Give me 2 other IEMs to get, that can stand up (relatively) to FD5 for a 3-way shootout with it. Same approximate price or lower.


  • FH3 bass quality & quantity, at a minimum
  • Less treble fatigue/edge than FH3 / B2 / Tin T3 / No.3 / Stax L300
  • Ideal treble/sound = something like HE-6 / LCD-3 (natural + thick note weight + smooth “high res” sparkle/detail)
  • Razer imaging + spacious enough 360 stage would help for FPS games, optionally
  • Fit and smell like Legacy 3
  • Accessories like FiiO
  • 2-pin + SE + 3.5mm preferred

Candidate List (Edit 3):

  • LZ A7 (treble too bright with bass/pop filter(s)? Possibly redundant sound profile to FD5)
  • Penon Orb instead of BGVP DM8

Ban List:

  • Legacy 5
  • Mangird TEA
  • Final A4000
  • Blessing 2/Dusk
  • ISN H40
  • KP / KXXS
  • Tape Pro (lol)
  • Etymotic
  • Oxygen (because sounds like KXXS + short stem)
  • Legacy 3

All up to you. The Legacy 4 does not have bass technicalities equal to the FH3 or FD5.

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Well put, and agree

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IMO the Legacy 3’s have ported sub bass while the FH3’s have sealed, I’m now torn between the legacy 4’s, FD5’s and Clairvoyance. I use Legacy 3’s with a BTR 5 for movies and I love it, Tripowin foam tips. Very curious how to upgrade from that.

A7 is the only one I can think of, but it doesnt nail all your preferences.

Definitely isnt too bright though, you can make it sound warm bass boosted neutral. Or a more U-shaped, to…well too much treble for me so I dont know what their signature is lol.

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I know, it’s hard to match the smell of the L3. Truly the best resin. Hopefully L4 and L5 use it!

That one made me laugh lol.

Personally I would like to see more iems with the resin/metal hybrid like the Blessing 2. (metal faceplate for the looks and resin for the comfort.)


How about a/some good, affordable “copper” cable(s) to try for this, to soften treble? I always feel like I’d rather have 2-3m cables instead of this 1.2m nonsense :\

I currently have an MMCX cable from Tin T3, FH3 and TRN 8-core ‘upgraded silver plated’ cable.

Standard rec, Faaeal litz copper cable. (for some placebo topping)

If you want a longer than normal cable, I can only think of asking a vendor like EA to make it custom for you.

This is their cheapest cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000413868760.html

I believe you can ask them to make it longer and they will charge you some extra for that.

Is “single crystal copper” basically the same as “pure copper”?

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