Fiio FH3 + UTWS3 = good enough?

I’m currently using TaoTronics TT-BH21 and Xiaomi Piston 2. They are good enough. But I’m looking to upgrade and I’ve finally have a set budget and ready to buy. As can be seen from my current equipment, I’m no audiophile. I just want to enjoy music while I’m working.

I’ve seen reviews for FH3 and UTWS3 and they are mostly positive.

What I’m looking is a final push. I need to know will this combination, Fiio FH3 + UTWS3, be better than what I currently have and that Fiio FH3 will work good with UTWS3.


I personally use the FH3 with the TRN BT20S (pretty much identical to FIIO’s) and its pretty awesome.
Can the FH3 give more with a better amp (like a BTR5) ?
Sure, but the wireless adapters like the UTWS3 can still give out good performance while still being very comfortable to use and being very portable, so I think its a great choice


First of all, what is your library, preferences on genres and your budget? FH3 is surely a competitive IEM at that price range but there are some IEMs that could match your library better.

UTWS5 will be released soon, it’s their latest TWS adapter. You can wait for it.

My library is basically everything: pop, rock, metal, country, electonic, hip hop, jazz, opera including podcasts, youtube videos, jingle music (yeah, I know), musical comedy stand ups, musicals, etc…

UTWS5 is available on aliexpress as of today. I don’t know if it is real or not but the price is more than double the UTWS3. My budget is basically equal to FH3+UTWS3 in my country (Croatia) which is equal to ~$300.

And you need BT for sure?

Whatever you do, with ur library, don’t buy FH3.

You might want to look into the TRN BT20S or BT30, the interchangeable connectors are a really nice if you have multiple sets of IEMs

Honestly, get Tea and an Apple dongle, and you are good to go.

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90% of time I don’t need BT, but those 10% when I do It would be annoying that I don’t have it.

What specifically is FH3 bad at with my library?

Well it’s just, you gonna pay a shitload for a BT receiver when you’re on a budget… how about some cheap TWS and a set + dongle?

Coherency, timbre, mids, to name some.

Tell me, how’s ur sound preference? I’m asking since you’re not an audiophile, I think you should get cheaper stuff.

Buy Qudelix 5k and Mele and you good to go

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Yeah, this was my final lap.

Instead of burning 150usd on a Fiio, I’d grab 3 sets + BT amp:

  • Tanchjim Tanya - You getting it for filters and tips, but also as an extra set, you might enjoy it, it’s bullet style, semi open back.
  • DQ6 - Slammer soundstage, best budget IEM for your metal/bassy part (Needs Tanya’s filters and its tips also good for it)
  • Tripowin x HBB: Mele - best sub-50$ all rounder and you can also use Tanya’s filters on it. If you only want one of the three, this is the one you get.

So if you spend like, 120$ on a BT DAC/AMP and 100$ on these 3 sets, you’re settled to go and you have solid options + replacements.

Another contender to hit the 300 marks might be Hana 2021 or Moondrop Kato, but I’ve never tried these.


giphy (4)


My only addition is to second the Qudelix. Clipped to my collar it is brilliant. Especially with a short cable. Usually hart audio cables but their IEM versions are microphonic. So I just use a regular cable abd cable wrap/clip as necessary.

I will be the third, Q5K + DQ6 with mods, Mele (and LBBS if you’re into buds).

You listen to everything :sweat_smile: :grin: :crazy_face: :wink:. Interesting since FH3 doesn’t match your library, which IEMs will respond, even if you’re not an “audiophile”.

That’s a lot of information I wasn’t ready for :smiley:.

It’s interesting that there isn’t a good all-rounder for $150.

TBH I don’t know what sound preference means. Do I like to hear more bass, vocal, specific instruments - something like that?

  • Tanchjim Tanya - Didn’t find them in EU but i did on aliexpress
  • Linsoul KZ DQ6 3DD - I’ve found them on amazon
  • Linsoul Tripowin x HBB Mele - I’ve found them on amazon

I couldn’t find Qudelix 5k in the EU anywhere except amazon but it does not deliver to Croatia.

@Rainlynd what are the mods for DQ6?

I use my FH3’s as allrounders so… I guess it depends on how picky/audiophily you are?
They’re just fine for me. Sure in some songs they perform excellent. In others they perform a bit more meh, though never bad.

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Do you like prominent bass or you like that sound is balanced?
As for qudelix, there’s a shop in Poland that carries them. Mislim da se zove audioheaven ili nesto slicno :grinning:


I too wouldn’t recommend FH3 as an all arounder. Too much bass. Good for Hip-hop and electronic music, but otherwise…

I haven’t got a set myself, but the current hype on this board is the Tripowin Mele tuned by a member here. $50, but tuned to a hip-hop and rock library which can lend to a good all-arounder set.

Yeah, $150 is a weird section in the market. Maybe the new Tanchjim Hana 2021? Tuned similar to Mele, a bit more highs, but arguably “better”.

Bluetooth is down to your opinion. I don’t think the form factors for the ear-hook bluetooth stuff has made good progress yet, but I don’t look down on that kind of option.

If you don’t mind deep insertions then the Ety ER2XR might be worth checking out…a bass boosted defused field set that would be replay well with a lot of your sonic requirements :+1:

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