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  • 2.5(bal)/3.5/4.4mm(bal) headphone outs, SE 490mw and BAL800mw @ 32 ohms, Dual AK4499EQ, Bluetooth in and out
  • 7490mAh battery, 64g + microSD, media keys, analog volume pot
  • Too many other things to go over lol

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Ha. Ha. 1,299.99USD. . . . .


What did you expect. It uses similar components as the new topping d90 and is portable at the same time.

Well, fiio’s stuffs have usually been on the affordable end. A 1.3k dap is quite different to what they’ve been offering.


I gotta say this looks pretty awesome, but the real questions for me is does it support Google play and does it have 2 SD card slots

Fiio M15 can be pre-order now on HiFiGo

Wish Fiio would just team-up with Xiaomi or someone and make a true hifi smartphone (those lg ones are not even close to old Sony Ericsson Walkman phones with dedicated next-previous-pause buttons)


Same Exynos 7872 which can only run Android 7, thus no Google Play Services, etc.
Also FiiO have stated that due to technical issues they no longer have dual SD slots on any future devices (for now), as the SoC only officially supports one SD slot.
With that in mind, I think most people will look towards different options at that price point.

Yeah, that’s kind of a real turn off for me at that price. I really like my storage, thanks for the info :+1:

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So… What FPGA are they using? The impossibly expensive Altera ones?

I wish thay at least went with a mid range cpu that came out this year with a good amount of ram to ensure speed and no hiccups. especially for that fucking price.if oneplus can have a snapdragon 855 in their devices. withh all the included features Im sure fiio can do something similar

Hiby R8 is Snapdragon 625 with 4G.

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at that price it better make me toast too.

From FiiO HQ:

And for the M15Pro, here’s a unified reply:

1. At present, we have clearly given up the plan of M15Pro. Because several plans originally planned were rejected.

2. The original plan included Plan A, replacing the copper shell + replacing some fever components on the basis of M15. The reason for the rejection was that users felt lack of sincerity.

3. Plan B, Change the AMP to THX AAA. The reason for the rejection is that the power will be much smaller than M15, so it was rejected by the user.

4. Plan C, many people expect to change to the THX amplifier, but if you want to use the THX 788, since the THX 788 is a desktop computer, the output power is more than 2 times larger than the M15. The small change based on the existing M15 cann’t accommodate. If there is a major change, What will it be? What are the design goals? To whom? How much does it cost? These have to be re-planned. Even if we do, there are a lot of variables and a long way to go, so we have not final decision now.

So if you just worry about the M15Pro coming soon, then don’t be worry because it’s gone.

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Well damn that’s pretty blunt lol

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I really like my M11, but part of that is also the price; I think <$500 is the right price for a DAP, as you can get decent quality at a fair price. I have never understood who would buy an A&K for several thousand $ (apart from the rich kids) and it’s the same with the M15.
$1300 is not where my $ are going. I can get a ZMF headphone for that kind of money. But many don’t understand why I spend $400 on a M11, when I have a mobile phone; so it is ofc different what we want to spend on the various gadgets.

Just saying that the M15 is not a DAP for me.


Can confirm ZMF > DAP ; )


I just got my M15 and I will say its damn good. Better than my Kann Cube and my M11. Have no reason to keep my M11. This is by no means the perfect Dap.

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