Fiio Product Lineup Plan for 2020!

Fiio brand has released its plan for the expected 2020 product line:
1.Portable Player Lineup: M11, M11 Pro, and M15
2.Portable Amp Lineup: Fiio Q3
3.Portable Bluetooth Receiver: Fiio BTR3K
4.Desktop DAC/AMP Lineup: Fiio K7
5.Mobile Hi-fi Player: researching
6.Earphones Lineup: Fiio FA9
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So basically the same than 2.019?

Portable Player Lineup have no plan now. but other line have new product

well, the K7 will have THX.

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Of course, link my post why don’t you lol

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Hmmm sorry thought I linked the og post :thinking:

Edited coz i’m stupid lol :+1:

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Very curious to see what they will decide to cut cost on for the btr3k. Could be a very interesting product, especially if the stock of the btr5 stays as it is now.

curious to see where this will fall in relation to the btr5 and 3, i guess maybe replacing the 3 completely? would be interesting as the current price to performance still seems pretty reasonable on the current btr3

I don’t think THX is dead…however it’s not going to be the must-have-exciting-panic-buy spec it was before. now I see others coming out with their flavors of THX. hopefully the devices aren’t rushed as a panic to get in on the popularity but more a calculated introduction for a well designed piece of kit.

I’m actually interested in FA9 since I did liked FA7 a lot.

Q3 has me interested a little bit

Looks like the btr3k is available for purchase. However there is also an open box btr3 available in a store in my country. Difficult choice, order the btr3k from China for €65 with possibly added taxes and waiting 2 weeks or buy a returned btr3 for €60 which I could have on Monday.

BTR5 is the better choice, haha

Well yeah but it’s also twice as expensive and nowhere in stock. I need something that I can use with Bluetooth and I can use as a USB DAC amp that sounds as good or better than my e10k. It’s this last part that I have my doubts with the btr3 a bit.

I wish Fiio would do a headphone

A real TOTL headphone, because they released the EH3?

ah yeah, its wireless and noise canceling on top of that. doesnt count

They are garbage just so you know.

fiio qq3 im most interested in rumors bout what it is has been floating around since like 2016