Fiio Product Lineup Plan for 2020!

Fiio brand has released its plan for the expected 2020 product line:
1.Portable Player Lineup: M11, M11 Pro, and M15
2.Portable Amp Lineup: Fiio Q3
3.Portable Bluetooth Receiver: Fiio BTR3K
4.Desktop DAC/AMP Lineup: Fiio K7
5.Mobile Hi-fi Player: researching
6.Earphones Lineup: Fiio FA9
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So basically the same than 2.019?

Portable Player Lineup have no plan now. but other line have new product

well, the K7 will have THX.

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Of course, link my post why don’t you lol

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Hmmm sorry thought I linked the og post :thinking:

Edited coz i’m stupid lol :+1:

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Very curious to see what they will decide to cut cost on for the btr3k. Could be a very interesting product, especially if the stock of the btr5 stays as it is now.

curious to see where this will fall in relation to the btr5 and 3, i guess maybe replacing the 3 completely? would be interesting as the current price to performance still seems pretty reasonable on the current btr3

I don’t think THX is dead…however it’s not going to be the must-have-exciting-panic-buy spec it was before. now I see others coming out with their flavors of THX. hopefully the devices aren’t rushed as a panic to get in on the popularity but more a calculated introduction for a well designed piece of kit.

I’m actually interested in FA9 since I did liked FA7 a lot.

Q3 has me interested a little bit