Fiio Q3, seems hype worthy

FiiO unveiled their q1 mk2 update, the Q3. Comes with THX AAA chip and 3.5mmSE, 2.5 & 4.4 balanced output!


THX has lost it’s luster in the music world. still great for movies / tv tho.

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Is there any ETA? I’ve tried contacting FiiO on head-fi but they didn’t reply back.

They haven’t announce the price or ETA yet. I’ve been looking for it too. I hope FiiO will keep the price the same as they did for Q1 mk2.

I got a really good feeling about the Q3, I love the Q1 MKii but I always thought it could use more power especially with higher impedance headphones. If it has more power than the Q3 with the added bonus of 4.4mm output, I’m all in.

My complain about q1 mk2 was the Android compatibility issue.

Apparently there was conference in Japan that showcased the Q3 along with other upcoming products. Looks pretty interesting.

Here’s the link:

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If you look closely at the picture of the back you can see USB-C which I’m guessing isn’t too much of a surprise now that it has iOS blessing.

What appears significant to me is that there seems to be a physical on/off switch for charge mode. Maybe now you’ll actually have some control over whether or not the device sucks battery power from a phone or tablet you have it connected to. The BTR5 seems to have this via an app setting so maybe that power control circuitry has found its way to this unit.


Didn’t even realize the on/off switch to be honest. hopefully the battery won’t be too bad then!!

Great find!

They’re up for sale now in China. The price is 998 CNY which is roughly $150USD. The bass-bost switch adds +6dB, btw.

It seems a Q1 MKII on roids. :slight_smile:

Sure it’s $150?! Should be heck of a deal then.

160 usd at hifigo.

Nice, still no info about output power though.

EDIT: Ignore that picture lol, it is the Q1 mark 2 specs…

HiFigo is always pricier, their FH3 is 150USD. Probably it’ll be a little cheaper when it lands on Aliexpress.


But it does seem interesting.

Found the specs for it (translated from chinese on their own site):

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Curious, would you be able to hook it up to a bt receiver like Zeos did with the Xduoo-05+? (20:15). If not what exactly does Line in do?