FiiO UTWS1 Official Thread


Interesting. I had a trn bt20 for a little while and it was pretty convienant to be able to take some of my IEMs wireless, but it was definitely lacking in power and sound quality. I wonder how much better this fiio offering would be… Do we know the price?

Just bought one on Amazon for $45. I had the TRN and loved it, but it wore out. You are right, it is a bit underpowered. It was however, the best set of running IEMs I have had (pairing with KZN AS10).

I am very excited for this because I really like FiiO products. Zeos just released a review of this to Patreon subscribers and LOVED it. It sounds like there are some pretty significant differences as well as additional controls. I’ll let you know my opinion once they arrive.


I’m about halfway through that video right now and really like the idea of this. I do agree with Z about them maybe doing a charging case. Maybe pair the two for 100$ or less? Boom, perfect wireless solution for audiophiles. Use the IEMs you love and just add the wireless portion.

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Yes. I am sure, most people would pay a bit more for slightly better components. This is the one area where I can see some improvement. My TRN BT20 paired nicely with KZ AS10. The price category for bluetooth to IEM was comparable. I am going to end up pairing my Final E5000 with the FiiO UTWS1. That seems a bit silly.

I’d like to have a slightly larger unit to be able to push some of the more power-hungry IEMs (I’m looking at you TinP1). I know the technology exists with some of the great stuff out there today.

Imagine two E100s attached to your ears…


Zeos hasnt released the video for these yet but they are awesome. You can take any earphone and make them wireless:

This guy even used it on a headphone lol!:

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These just showed up today. First off, they are significantly better than the TRN BT20 in build quality, ease of use, functionality and connectivity.

Build quality -

Better feel and components. The memory wire is significantly stiffer. I have them paired with the Final E5000, which is weird. I’ll probably have to find something different to pair them with. The wire is so stiff that they pull out of my ear canal. I cant imagine this would be a problem with any other IEM. This is also the limit of power. Anything harder to drive would be a mistake.

Ease of use -

The TRN took me forever to get connected. These are plug-n-play. Turn on and go. You can also turn one off and your device repairs to the one that is on. Perfect for podcasts or conference calls. I have not yet tested the mic.

Functionality -

The TRN only has Pause / Play Next track. FiiO adds previous track and volume. Awesome.

Connectivity -

As I mentioned before, this was a simple process. Just turn on. I was able to walk about 50 ft. into the other room before the connection became unstable.

Let me know your impressions if you have a set as well.


How does it feel on the ears? I had TRN BT20S, and it hurts my ear (I wear glasses) after wearing it for 20 - 30 mins. Also, I broke it, when trying to unplug the mmcx from my Shuoer Tape.

If you didnt like the TRN, this would not be for you. The cable is much more rigid. I am not bothered by much, but I have to limit myself for basically an hour. I’ll use it for runs.

FYI. The mic is not good. I wouldn’t use this for conference calling or hands free calls.


I placed an order for a pair of these. I can see me using these for 90% of my podcast listening with only one iem in, and the price is good for what it seems to do

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Awesome. I use them similarly. What are you pairing with them?

I’m not sure yet. They are out of stock on Amazon, so I won’t have them until March 8-9, so I have a little time to think about it. I don’t miss the sound from my Apple Air Pods, but I do miss the ease of one ear listening when I can’t fully shut out everyone at work

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Ah, geez. Thanks for the heads up.

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Recently these where found:

So Zeos connected them to the Fiio UTWS1 and made a highend wireless headphone lol:


That’s interesting. I cant imagine they give him the oomph you’d want, but he would know FAR better than I. I did something similar when I purchased the 177x Go. I’ve since switched out the ES100 for the BTR5.

Cheap therapy for when the kids are a bit overwhelming.


Wonder when they added the pouch to the package if Zeos dint get one. Is anyone concerned that it only outputs 5mW at 32ohms? I mean can it really power things like a P1 or even the OH10?

What iem are you using and what’s the insensitivity?

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What a waste ,they dont output aptx hd,just regular aptx😞

Well the thing is a product like this is new and revolutionary. Now any IEM can be wireless. The thing is will it sell. is the market ready for it? will it ignore it? I would think it will do well and when they see the interest they will come out with a HD version

I saw the Hifiman Deva with a detachable wireless adapter too. so maybe this is a trend starting.