Final Audio E series

Been researching iem’s for awhile now and I think I’m set on the E series. So looking for impressions experiences etc and also how the 3 4 and 5000 compare.

I’m looking for something that plays nice with a wide variety of genres.


Well, the e2000 is v shaped and the e3000 is warm, and the 4000 is v and 5000 is warm. Personally for what you want, I think I would suggest trying out the e3000 first, and if you like it, go for the 5000

Makes sense… you’ve made this very easy :+1:

i’m thinking of getting some E2000s or something (i like a V shape but mostly because i like hihats and high voices)… though TBH i can not actually hear a difference between cheap headphones… i also have a few issues with most IEMs (the mesh filters always cause issues and i have to remove them, as well as my cat constantly chewing my cable)… so i am hoping for there to at least be some ways to fix those issues. especially a good case for earbuds since they will be chewed by my cat

What about e1000, are they on par with 2000 or 3000?

It has a more neutral signature, personally not my preference over the 2000 (v shaped) or 3000(warm), but they are still pretty good if you want something more neutral

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When talking only about sound signature I like the way the E1000 does neutrality better than the Tin Hifi T3 and P1 ( Those 2 are too bright to call it neutral for me) but E1000 isnt in the same level as the T3 when it comes to quality.


I agree with you on this 100%. I found that all of the Tin IEMs were bright and weak in the bass (except the P1). Not what I’d consider a true neutral.


Yeah the E1000 is the only one I consider true neutral (coincidence that you also called it that lol), if anyone is interested in the E1000 then you can check out my review on it over at head-fi

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e2000’s are very V shaped so if that’s what you’re looking for then these will work for you… maybe the most extreme V I’ve personally heard… pretty nice though and compared to headphones I think they punch a little above their cost

one thing that does bug me a bit is the microphonics with the cables… may not offend you as much though

This amp can do it all… no noise floor I can detect