Fir audio xe6 connector issue

Hay need to replacement?

Welcome to the community, brother!

We’d love to help, but it’s hard to see what’s being pictured. Can you explain what’s going on?

I unplugged the cable many times :thinking:

So do you think that the connector is damaged? I’ve swapped cables many times on many of my IEMs and as long as you do it correctly, you shouldn’t have an issue.

It’s looks scratched or cracked?

have you heard anything wrong with it? if not, then its not a problem.

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the sound it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with Riku, if you don’t hear anything wrong, you should be okay!

Then it should be ok.

If it is just scratches it should not do anything.

If they are cracks, then they could make the connection to the cable weaker or at worst break the female socket in the iem.

Today I read that Fir Audio has a problem with the connectors. But $3,899… :thinking:
Viva la ChiFi :trophy:

From the picture it’s looks scratched or cracked?:thinking:

cant tell from that picture.

It’s big issue?

You need to take a better picture if you want us to better tell you…

it does not look as if it would break anytime soon but at that price I would be kind of worried aswell and i would not accept it.
where did you buy it from?
Even if you bought it used i would contact Fir audio and ask for a repair…this should not happen with normal use.

I buy them used from friend i spoke with Fir audio they said it’s looks ok and no need to replacement.

CEO bogdan said from the pictures it’s looks fine

from the pictures its hard to judge if these are just scratches on the surface or cracks that go deeper inside the socket.
How does it look to you?

hard to see and if it’s cracked What would have happened?