First impressions of 58x and 4xx

my 4xx just arrived today. I got my 58x a couple days ago. here’s what I think so far. (setup includes an m100 and atom)

58x - sound is awesome and they are very comfortable for me, I like the tight clamp they came with. A lot of detail - at first I thought they were a bit sibilant, but that went away within a few hours of listening (I think I needed to get used to it) vocals seem pretty forward to me (not in a bad way) but also seem to have more bass

4xx - these are more comfortable on my ears, but less comfortable on the top of my head (I think I like the cutout in the pad on the 58x) and hotter (thicker, warmer pads) Also feel a bit less secure (less clamp) but still plenty good. The sound is very different from what I was expecting. I think these sound warmer and more mellow overall (less detailed?) Also they sound…faster? more responsive maybe?

I think the 4xx sound wider (more soundstage?) Both seem to have good imaging as far as music is concerned, I haven’t gotten around to playing any games where that would shine so I’ll have to get back to that another time. I think the 4xx is more fun? (daft punk comes to mind as having songs where i think they really shine) but I think I like the 58x a little better. Honestly I could go either way depending on mood and music.

oh no. I just really jumped headfirst into this rabbit hole didn’t I?


nice, ur definetly right about the vocals and sound in general being a bit more forward on the 58x. The 4xx wider soundstage is probably what i would assume makes you feel that the 4xx is more mellow to you. My sister had a similiar reaction where she felt they were smoother, but once you get past the soundstage i think you will find it to be more aggressive. By which i mean for example hear this song, it has some of the most high pitched voices that are so aggressive that most headphones cannot pass the sibilance test with these. You will notice that even in the 58x it has some sibilance in the chorus but with the 4xx it REALLY pierces. Most of the song is recorded with highs in mind so you will also be able to see how much more detailed the highs in particular can be with the 58x.
I’m really curious too if you will end up switching around based on mood and music! I think faster and or more responsive is a fair assesment of the 4xx in comparison to the (to me at least) slower melow 58x

my 4xx are less sibilant than my 58x. maybe I percieve it that way because the vocals are recessed? I still think the 4xx are more mellow sounding, but still faster. I think the 58x are more detailed though for sure. Maybe the sibilance has a different tonality that I’m less sensitive to?

of note I also love how lightweight the 58x are

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indeed the 58x are way lighter, first impressions can be finicky. after time im curious as to what you will think. I definetly think you should listen to some really bright songs

just give the 4xx or the 58x some more time my guy that is sounding a bit off. but its your first impressions so it might change over time. out of curiosity what tracks are you listening to so I can try to listen to what you are sensing.

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I’m listening to a bit of all my stuff and a few other things that have been floating around on here. daft punk is my fave to listen to on the 4xx so far (one more time) but i honestly think the 58x delivers more bass.

heres some notes on a few tracks (everything off amazon hd music)

Mick Gordon rip and tear - 4xx: faster, more responsive 58x: fuller sound, more detailed, more bass (i can feel it)
dragonforce storming the burning fields: similar to rip and tear; 4xx is less sibilant
crystal castles reckless: 58x deeper bass, 4xx more separation between cymbals and drums 58x
black panther: 4xx faster, 58x has more overall depth
Silversun pickups checkered floor: 58x i like it - super detailed i hear things ive never heard in this song before. 4xx: everything is mellowed out. everything is recessed (even though its faster, since the song is mellow it just feels relaxed)
these are just a few ill take more notes and post them at some point

i listened to that kpop you posted and i still think the 4xx are less sibilant than my 58x…neither of them bother me though since i got used to my 58x on the first day

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lmao…wtf does that mean? 4xx are less detailed and sound more laid back to me. wider sound. couple songs i definately prefer them - slower, mellower songs generally, but their responsiveness makes me like them for songs that vary a lot - like daft punk. 58x for pretty much everything else so far… better bass, better detail, overall i think the better pair, and if i had to pick one itd be easy…i just have to decide if the 4xx are good enough to keep or if i should return them (if drop lets me)

People all hear differently. I’m treble sensitive at times. I still own a pair of 58x, but sold my he4xx almost immediately after I heard them cause they were so bright. Consider yourself lucky that it doesn’t seem like you have treble sensitivity. :slightly_smiling_face:


Got the get past that darn 10 character limit somehow


I have made my decision. If massdrop lets me I’m returning the 4xx. I just find that with almost everything I’ve thrown at it I prefer the 58x. I don’t dislike or hate the 4xx, but it certainly didn’t wow me the way the 58x did the first day. If 4xx were my only headphones I’d be happy, but the 58x are better and I can’t justify having 2 sets of headphones right now - maybe in the future, but not right now

seems like return wont be a problem. they sent me a prepaid shipping label and all I have to do is drop it off at ups…


Yeah, typically the best way to start out in the hobby is to have 1 open back and 1 closed back pair. Then enjoy until you start getting upgrade-itis.

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The 58x sound is something special isn’t it? I actually came around to the 4xx and love it alot now. Still prefer the 58x too tho

I guess I’ll just leave this here. The HE4XX are known to “burn in after hours” I’ve had to play mine for a about 2 days. I just put a big playlist on repeat and left them on a reasonable listening volume over nights and while I was at work. I used them as normal when I was at my desk.

I really, really didn’t like them at first, but that changed.

just a thought

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And my HE4xx sounded so bad, Id have rather burnt them into oblivion. LMAO.


I’ve heard that some of them had CC problems maybe its possible the set was defective…lol I thought mine were until they broke in smh

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3 different pairs and a pair of HE400i. THe only hifiman I have liked are the Sundara, Arya and HE1000 revision 2. the rest all had too much sizzle at 7KHz. I recognize their prowess and technicality, they are good cans…just not for me.


yeah lol based on other posts i think they are definetly just not for you

yeah i think you are right, i’ve heard it mentioned too and honestly they do get better. I use mine alot, altho i must admit that i for some reason don’t have the intense love for them that i do for the 58x. think i just havent put enough time on them with music i love