Floor-standing speakers

I am looking for a pair of floorstanding speakers but don’t really know where to start.
My current setup is a pair of Mica MB42x with a Polk 10 in. sub. Medium size room.
Instead of taking a small step up (RB42) I want to take a large step and put my money towards something I dare say will be “buy it for life.”
I want floorstanding, I mainly listen to 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2k rock & metal.
I love the look of and the brand Klipsch. Don’t ask, I don’t know why. they’re just so cool and their speakers are beautiful.
Price??? Idk! Maybe ~$700-$800 (PAIR)?
Sound sig? I love clarity, hearing everything with great clearness. I’m not a bass head, I appreciate detail.
Power? My current power amp drives 100 watts/channel 8 ohms.

This is what I am currently looking at
I want to know where to start looking, then I can scour the internet, used, etc. Somewhere to begin. Thanks

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I was actually going to suggest the RP-8000F as you can find them on sale at times lol

Zuu Dirty weekends might be up your alley imo

Klipsch would be a good brand? I hear they are semi tailored towards rock music, is that true?

Yeah, they do have that type of signature that works well with what you listen to

You could get SVS Prime Towers which would be pretty nice imo as well

with something like this or the aforementioned Klipsch, would I still need a sub? my vote is no

With the klipsch, I don’t think so tbh. With the svs which are very dynamic and detail oriented in all ranges yes, as they might lack some oomph

Those zu’s also might be worth a look for what you listen to

From what you say, I think the klipsch without a sub or the svs with a sub are going to be something you would enjoy a fair bit

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ive never hear of the Zuu Dirty weekends. ill check them out
also why are floorstanding speakers often sold as a single unit rather than a pair… am i missing something or is it really to make them appear cheaper

IDK lol, it’s just the way they do it. Also the zu might be hard to find until they open up for another run of speakers

timme to spennd more moneey

Also how do you feel about buying used? Just curious as that could open up some possibilities

And also I would highly recommend the Magnepan LRS, but it can be pretty picky about rooms and placement and you might want to upgrade the amp

I have no problem going used at all
And I figured I’d upgrade speakers, then as the years go by upgrade my power amp then my pre

Also what amp do you have again?

ye old Kenwood KA 895

I love my Elac 6.2 floors.

Hmmm. I think it might be in your best interest to look into the RP8000F and see if you can find a deal on them used or open box perhaps. Honestly there are a lot of speakers out there, but I think the klipsch are a good starter and have great value for the money and aren’t too amp picky. With the other stuff I recommend they are going to be more amp picky and room finicky

the rp800f are insane. any other klipsch recommendations similar? thanks for ur help so far

they’re really cool looking, how long have you had them?

Perhaps Dali Oberon 5 or you might be able to find a deal on some KLH Kendalls

Other speakers I would recommend are too amp or room dependent

Edit: I don’t think you would need a sub with these, which is also something else I’m basing the recs off of (something that wouldn’t need a sub)

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