Focal Elegia 500$ on Adorama

I was looking around on Slickdeals and saw that the Focal Elegia is 500$ with code BFRIDAY19.


that’s a great price

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Yeah it’s definitely tempting!

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I’m probably going to pass, but only because I have a lot of closed backs I don’t use enough to justify another pair. I was looking at the Aeon 2s, but I probably would go with a Stellia or Verite Closed and have that be my last pair of closeds. I know @M0N prefers these to the Stellias, but I haven’t heard a Focal headphone I haven’t really loved

I mainly prefer these to the stellia because I think the stellia’s tuning lets it down. I think they could have gone with something better imo. The technicalities are there but I don’t think they are that refined as the elegia’s signature and sound imo (clearly not the popular opinion lol)

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True. They are definitely not the closed back Utopias like a lot of people say they are. $3k is a little more than I think you should pay for a “fun” headphone, but cost not withstanding I enjoy the sound. I’d also look at open box/used before I’d pay msrp

That’s not really my problem, as I think a good fun tuning can be great. I just don’t think the stellia tuning suits focal headphones because of the way they are designed imo. It just sounds like a flawed fun tuning imo. I have no problems with focal doing a more fun tuning (like the elex imo), but I think that something like the elex tuning on the stellia might have been a better choice. It’s not going to be that way for everybody, it just stands out to me mainly. Also I kinda agree that 3k is a bit steep for what they are

I’m up to my ass crack in new headphones, and I’m satisfied.

I have to think that way as an Empyrean owner. And that’s kind of what the Stellias sounded like to me, but not quite the same. But the reason I bought the Empyreans was the whole package-comfort, bass (bass!), and design. I like the Stellias design, but it is the same as their lower priced headphones. I’d have rather they had tried to copy the Utopia model more at that price. I know the sound is what matters, but I prefer when companies do something different design-wise to differentiate their headphones. I also think they could reduce the price by eliminating the 3 included cables that everyone replaces immediately

Lol I don’t think focal would swallow their pride and replace the cables. I personally have no complaints on their design, as I think its a winning one for a closed back (home closed tho not really portable)

yeah, I’m telling that to myself right now, but I also have no restraint. I have added the Elear package deal on to my cart and removed it 20x in the past few months to get the Elear, case, and spare Utopia pads for $599. And I liked the Elear least of all the Focals:

Yeah imo the elear isn’t worth even considering when the elex exists lol

I just wanted to try the Utopia pads on the Elex and Clears considering their replacement pads are so pricey. It was more a question of whether or not I valued the Elears at $300ish

Theirs too many deals already it’s crazy. Black Friday is going to be psychotic.

I have tried the utopia pads on the clear, and tbh I don’t think its that big of a difference. It does adjust the signature a bit, but I didn’t prefer it tbh. IDK what it would do on an elex tho.

I think it’s the ongoing price. I initially wanted to jump on it because I assumed it was a timed sale and you got the pads and case added in for the normal price of the Elears. At this point now that the urges have subsided, I think I’d rather one day buy a Utopia and then swap pads if I ever felt like it

TBH, I think you could sell the meze for a utopia and still have a fun headphone. I think the utopia has a bit more fun tuning than the clear with better technicalities.

Yeah, I loved the Utopia but I think I would miss the Empyreans too much if I ever sold them. I put them down for a week or two and am always happy when I start using them again. I was down to those two, but I went with the Empys for the comfort. Also, you see Utopias on the used market a lot more than you see Empyreans, and they are developing 1 or 2 new pads for 2020 that should change the tuning a little bit. I’d like a little more detail, but when everything else is factored in I think they are pretty great

Interesting, I didn’t know about the pads. Also yeah it really depends on how much you like the mezes. I really wasn’t super into the sound of the empyreans tbh, but I did like the rai penta which might have a bit similar tuning so I got those.

The pad swap system is as good as it gets. Just magnets holding them in place, so making the switch couldn’t be easier. I had used the leather pads exclusively for the first few months, but the suede pads really open things up and add detail I was missing. Less bass impact, but that’s ok too. They are still very dark headphones, but I think that’s Meze’s signature. I’ve never heard their iems, so I’m just assuming having owned the 99 Noirs. These are planar Fostex Ebony upgrades to me.