Focal Elegia 500$ on Adorama

I have the Elex, should i consider getting the Elegia too?

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I think the Elex is better, but the Elegia is a nice closed back if you need one. It doesn’t sound as crisp as the Elex does though

I personally would take the elegia if you wanted to do some studio work, but I think if you have the elex, it might not be worthwhile unless you were looking for a closed back

Elegia vs clear

I can get either close enough to the same price. Brand new non factory sealed clears, or new factory sealed elegia… about$70

Though I’m really looking for a nice set of close backs

I think the clear is a step up overall, but I think the elegia is impressive for a closed back, but def the clear imo

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That’s what I though you’d say and that is probably the consensus. Thanks

There’s no real denying the clear is a higher tier of headphone imo, and for the same price it doesn’t make sense to go with the eleiga unless you need closed back. Also be prepared to perhaps try out some higher end headphone amps too lol

I’ve been glancing at the last one you recommend.

Which was? (sorry I can’t remember lol) Going to guess rnhp but I did mention some other amps recently

Next question the clear professional vs clear

I like the balance cable with the clear, but I prefer the color scheme on the pro, and the pros come with a second set of pads

Thoughts anyone

They sound the same so pick the one that you like the look of more or what fits in your budget more lol

I feel like the only one that doesn’t care for the black/red thing. Reminds me of ‘gaming’ colors

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I like it because we have the focal listen in the black and red and they look so premium. If they were black they would probably look like most other cheap headphones

And I probably should point out it’s a rich dark red, think more high end car interior color and less bright look at me gamer red

499 is what I payed for the Elegia in summer- so this is a kind of ok-ish deal
Are you crazy? - go get it. Now!
by the way… some prefer the Elegia timbre vs Clear’s

Curious how the elegia compare to elex overall. Didn’t see an official thread for the elegia (maybe I missed it) so I figured I’d ask here. I have not a single complaint about the elex, and I’d LOVE to get a closed back that is as close to the elex as possible (i realize this is probably a difficult thing to do)

There is now lol

I would say they compare fairly well and don’t even really sound closed tbh, the do have a different signature tho