Foobar 2000 setup - What does it look like

Trying to locate a better view in Foobar, so wondering what other Foobar users’ setup look like.

…or Foobar?

I’m slowly moving everything over to FLAC…


I swear to god that better not be comic sans


I Don’t personally use Foobar. I did however remember Z talking about his set up so I will throw that down here. Good luck.

It might be, I can’t remember as I set it up a while back

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Well… Foobar I guess :wink:

Allergic to Comic Sans?

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Yes, badly ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


I am using MusicBee, layout looks like this:

Interprets/Bands are sorted by Genre (mostly) on the left, center column is albums. So I can either dive into an album or just press play up top next to the band name to get all their music I have. Right hand side is current playlist and information about the current track.
Status bar with wave bar for scrubbing through songs at the bottom.

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Yeah… looks bad

18, 19, 20 characters

Without that walkthough, I would never have started using Foobar 2000. So shout out to him :slight_smile:


With software that has many features, you either bang your head against a wall until you break through, or have someone throw you a rope and pull you up.

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Or just ignore all the advanced features and use only the most basic options that you can figure out lol

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You have no idea how I work…
I am so happy my browser supports split layouts and video pop-out.
My VisualStudioCode workspace is a mess of things.
When I edit photos or attempt digital drawing, there are ALL THE PANELS.

Sole reason: Get things done quickly.

Also: ZShell on linux is AMAZING

More features with more stuff to do more things more quicker lol

Edit: yeah there are some pretty cool things for linux

Tried to go for a bit of 70s brown and orange look, as i listen to a ton of old rock/progrock and even some disco!

As for the layout, i have the flac directory as my top left box, then there is the selected album, song info and album art. Below i have visuals of the music as “interesting eye candy” :slight_smile:


Nice. I like the orange/brown theme.

Why does no one use the spectrogram. You 100% of the time will miss hidden pictures in the audio if you don’t use it.

Finally someone mentions it lol. I use it all the time. You do miss some neat stuff. Much more beneficial then the oscope in foobar imo