For some reason music sounds GREAT in the mornings?

Anyone have a similar experience? Or some sort of reason as to why that might be? I noticed that music sounds way more alive in the mornings . Specifically talking about when using headphones i noticed that during the afternoon and night music dosent sound as clear. Almost ass if my ears are more clogged up. Is it out excersise where your body is less fatigued or because your ears have been inactive for the last 7 hours? Don’t get me wrong music sounds good all the time, just saying in the mornings it feels like a different experience

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probably because you’re feeling fresh and and have attention span…vs. worn out and distracted by end of day.

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Thanks, IM also assuming such is the case. Was just wondering about someone else’s perspective!


It’s funny you created this topic. I had been A/B testing several different headphones last night to the point that I wasn’t enjoying it as much and was getting frustrated.

Without thinking I just plugged something in first thing this morning to my work computer with an inferior setup and the music hit me like a cup of coffee and sounded much better than the end of my testing last night.

Probably just fatigue like anything else, but I noticed that for sure (coincidentally) this morning.


Haha what a coincidence, thanks for sharing that story. Really funny to hear


Probably because of coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had kind of a reverse experience. After a tiring day and mostly listening to my LCD 2 Closed-backs on the main rig, I went to bed and listened to a few tracks with the Tin T2’s connected to a Topping MX3 (pretty neat bedside setup I have to say). The tracks “Stop Beating” and “Love Somebody” from Lisa Miskovsky’s Bottenviken gave me such an eargasm I ended up listening to almost the whole album before falling asleep. It’s absurd how good they are and in that moment they sounded better than my Audeze on an amp / dac combo that’s way more powerful and cleaner.

IEM’s are truly a wonder at times, the T2’s are a miracle to grace the hi-fi / chi-fi world.

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My most enjoyable moments are early, with a nice cup of coffee and music.

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Endorphins help too. I used to lay in bed after working hard for hours and hours, all my muscles hurting, listening to Trance with my headphones, and I was like “damn, I feel so good”. Lol.

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Interesting, how about in the mornings? I guess there is also something to doing it after a tiring day.

Love the sterling pic

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Hahaha it’s like sleeping after a workout

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I actually don’t have this happen anymore, I used to feel that music was better at night, but I don’t have this really matter anymore. IDK why but music always sounds good unless I have sinus issues or anything that would actually effect my hearing ability. I guess I have just trained myself to not have emotional state effect my hearing ability, analysis, and enjoyment (although it does effect the genre I listen to at that moment lol)

For me it’s always been better at night. I assume it’s because everything’s asleep and quiet. Back when I was hardcore into car audio SQ I would only evaluate system changes with a 2am drive.

I hope you weren’t evaluating sub performance at 2am lol

I can neither confirm nor deny lol.


I think it sounds the best when you’re tired

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Now that I think of it, I rarely do listen to music first thing in the morning. When I do it’s mostly after breakfast and in the couch, listening to the stereo. Otherwise the first listen is usually if I’m out on a bicycle ride or a long walk, most of the time during the afternoon.

Since I work evenings and night shifts mostly, my earliest listening times are in the afternoon or late evening on my off-days.

But yeah, the most relaxing times when I focus wholly on the music is when I’m about to go to bed. I have a “sleeping” playlist that I usually listen like 5-15 minutes to before dozing off (bless PowerAmp for sleep timers).

It’s been a couple of years since I had one of those super early mornings listening to music, and that was while in University. I should re-do it just as an experiment I guess.

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Try smoking dope in mornin and listening to music then - the best way to enjoy music


Lol sadly it’s not legal in Arizona yet