🔷 Fostex T60-RP

This is the official thread for the Fostex T60-RP. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed!
  • Open Back-ish

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Just so you know, Ryan at ModHouse has made an Argon like mod with a pair of these. So that might be a thing if people were willing to fork over the cash. FF

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Oi… Argon like? What does that mean. Better or worse?

I just emailed him about that this weekend. Have you heard them at all? I have both T50 and T60, just curious if the T60 argons would offer any improvements.

Also, anyone notice a weird soundstage issue? Like, instrumentals sound beautiful but then vocals come in and just sound…flat. Unsure if they may just need burned in or what.

I’ve not heard them. Only the rumors that they exist. HOWEVER I spoke to Ryan at Modhouse today and he is making the T60 version an official option on the site now. So we will see!

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Has anyone experienced a buzzing/rattling when listening to their t60rp (or an txxrp for that matter)? Ive seen many forum posts about this but there doesnt seem to be a clear cut fix for it. I love my t60rp and argon mk3s and id really like to rectify this little annoyance instead of looking for a equivalent or better new headphone.

For fun listening, these or ZMF Vibros?

kind of depends on what kind of music you listen to with these honestly. If you listen to anything that is normally on FM radio, i would not consider t60rp. They do not mask over production or bad recording quality in the slightest and the highs can become overbearing very quickly. If you listen to mostly well recorded music, these are excellent.

Z I have a pair of t60 argons if you would like to try them.


Does anyone know where I can find parts to mod these?
Specifically the leather headband, I find it uncomfortable for long sessions

Mayflower.com, headband pads. They like 20 bucks and help tons.

I spoke to him about it around 6 months ago, and he said he got it ‘close’ to the MK3, maybe slightly warmer.

They just updated their website for the Argons T60RP
I just put an order in for a conversion.
They recommend the suede oval pads which I prefer due to the leather getting warmer.

"ZMF Suede oval pads are my preference with this variation. "
“The T60RP Argon has a little less bass and a little more lower treble / upper mids than a regular mk3 based Argon.”

Mine developed a creak in the left ear cup joint. Tried WD-40 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner – worked for a week. Recently sprayed in DuPont Non-Stick Dry Film Lubricant (it’s a PFTE/Teflon suspension), and it seems to have done the trick. Gotta be careful not to use a petroleum-based spray as it’ll melt the plastic joint.

Aside from that one flaw they’re pretty nice headphones. They are somewhat heavy (wood) and uncomfortable after a few hours. The pads don’t need any rolling. They are a little fatiguing. I’m guessing there’s a spike near 8kHz, because that’s where the AutoEq parametric profile drops it by -7.2dB. But I enjoy them once I add the software EQ.

They’re my biggest headphone purchase yet, and in a way they make me question the necessity for something fancier/more expensive. These are beautiful, nice headphones. But for me they need eq to be listenable for long periods. Then again I have on and off tinnitus, and would probably fit the “treble sensitive” category.


Just got the t60rp for 200 and was wondering will the fx-audio Dac-X6 be able to run them properly or will I need something stronger?

Would I be able to run these balanced if I get a 4 pole TRRS aux cable and connect it to a 4 pin XLR adapter?

Idk if the internal wiring is different, because the Fostex balanced cable is $114 on Amazon

Oh My God. I just “got” these headphones and why the reviews don’t make sense. I was looking at Joshua Valour’s review on the T60RP and I definitely don’t agree with what he said (or so I thought). I was also on a k-pop binge and I thought everything sounded great, clear, crisp, way better than my HD6XX. Then I put on the 6XX, meh. And then my autoplay went to western pop, was Joshua right about the T60RP all along?! T60RP, Japanese headphones, works better on Asian style music and classical. HD6XX works better on western style music and electronic. (At least to my taste.) Mind blown.

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They are wired balanced internally. Trrs to 4pin should work fine.

Personally, I thought he was a bit harsh on these for an otherwise really nice set of cans. He says it himself these are really good, but he seemed to focus on the negatives too much.
I just got them too and I think they’re great, my only experience with planars beforehand being the Hifiman 4XX

How would you say they compare to the 4XX as those are my current favorite headphones. also have 6xx and enjoy them but they seem a little flat compared to the 4xx. Im looking for a sealed set that wont bother my wife sleeping next to my pc and sounds similar to either of those headphones.