🔷 Fostex TH610

This is the official thread for the Fostex TH610

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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Semi Closed Back

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These and the teaks now… that’s it

And the denons as well

I’m not sure why I assumed these were discontinued… looks like the 9200 uses the 1 tesla… the 5200 and 7200 dont mention a tesla being used

I have too much time on my hands

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These are pretty bassy, but also pretty sloppy. I can see why people “Lawtonize” them, but I am hesitant. A full kit would run at least $500.00US. More than I paid for the headphones. And then if I didn’t love them I would be stuck with an $1,100.00 (Canuck bucks) set of “frankenphones”. Outside of hardcore Lawton fans they would be almost unsellable.

The SMSL SP200 cleans them up nicely, but not sure about them in the long term.


I got mine today. I have already modded them by removing the cotton-like material in the cups. I did it in an attempt to enhance the amount of lowend these cans put out, and it worked wonders!


Unfortunate to hear this… could try something like lawton pads and a driver side tune up… I’m the wrong guy to ask but it’s far less expensive to try… pads $79 partial tune up $29 shipping $18.50 (usd)

If the tune up sharpens them up, then it is money well spent. I am not sure if I want to mod at all.

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I can say the Lawton tuning kit for the driver side cleared up a lot of the muddy bass. I’m using a Purple Heart as my daily which isn’t a 1 to 1 comparison to the 610 but my initial impression was the muddy bass overpowered the entire sound signature. After I added the tuning kit it really refined the bass where it allowed the other aspects of the sound signature to stand out. The tuning kit is relatively cheap in comparison to their pads and cups so it would be a good starting point if you find the bass to be a little ungainly. For me the tuning kit was enough.

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That has been rolling around in my head. :slight_smile:

I can also sign that.
The best example is if you mention the Tr x00 mahogany with the Lawtonmod. It sounds extremely peaky out and the bass is a bit undefined without the mod. And with Mod it gains and defined bass and less peak. Even on the Denon Ah D2000 of the older generation, I perceive slight, not necessarily annoying sibilants, and with Lawtonmod you get it out so that it also sounds clean. I am only surprised that Fostex has never considered offering this from the start, even after all Years where the Fostex is already on the market. I understand that the Japanese are quite proud of their products and do not like to change anything. But it would make sense every time. That’s why you can almost say that the Lawtonmod is almost mandatory. You can tell right quickly like here and there what oozes through what can be perceived as bothersome over time. If you write to a private seller and ask why you are selling it, you complain exactly about di These points. Often you don’t know that there are modifications to it, or refuse to take additional money in your hand. Sure, 30-50 $ is not much, but you have to say for a headphone like the big Th 900 that something is eliminated even with the Th 600-610, you can actually expect that from the start. For example, in their current series, Denon has made sure that it comes out of the package cleanly and does not have to take additional money into hand a company something like that. If you can spend huge amounts of insulation anyway. And the Lawton mod is no longer a secret today and many only report good things about it after Mod.

I decided to follow you today. It was $51.50US, including mailing.

Hopefully this can make these my go to closed backs.

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You will don‘t regret after install the mod.
But be carefull when you install it.:wink:

And give you yourself Time to listen the difference.
Made you a little Playlist who you have experience with the Songs so you hear better the difference before and after the Mod.

It seems pretty straight forward. Take off the pads. Take off the cups and add the sticky stuff.

Looking forward to it. I will binge on the 610’s for a day or two before I make the change.

Ive heard people dis this headphone. The Master Switch did a review of these and did not seem to like it lol. They said they found it “Meh”, the mids muddled, the treble too harsh, the dynamics muddy. They felt that with a headphone at this price it should be better:


This is a big shame. Since Fostex took away our X00’s Its been harder to find a decently priced pair of closed backs. The EMU’s are out there but you need to fill in a order form then wait. The Denon’s are out there also but seems over priced. These seem over priced too. I wish Fostex would put out a TH400 or something to give us a decent closed back at 300$-500$ There seems to be a hole out there for closed backs in this range.

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I got the 610’s for $379.00 in Canuck bucks. It was supposed to be an open box deal. I am sure there are other deals to be had.
I like the headphones, but don’t love them. I am hoping the driver tune up will sharpen the sound.

Yes, you are right, and at the moment I see the E Mu best in terms of voting, so what I have read about it over the past few days.
I didn’t have the Th 610 in my hand yet, that it should be so bad would be a cheek.
You can order the E Mu online from their homepage without applying.
Denon is another topic.
They are completely away from the Fostex concept and have put together something of their own.
You can almost say whether it justifies the price, because you did it for the first time and did it yourself.
And there are always offers where you are at $ 500.
I always see the D7200 in this direction.
We’ll see what our colleague can tell about the 610😁.
It’s a shame that canceled the Tr x series. I think it’s because of the customs costs that your President has reintroduced, which will be so high that Drop said that it’s no longer worth it, and that has some Company badly hit, unfortunately.
If you take a look at Ebay, shipping costs are sometimes around $ 150 but apparently the customs clearance and everything is included.Nobod would pay this.
So much for we will make the Usa great again.
That means we only want to fill our bags at your expense.:smile:
We have also felt it clearly in Europe over the past 2 years.
I am really glad that I was able to buy my Tr x00 beforehand. For the Schiit Vali 2 I had to put in an extra $ 45, which was still cheaper than the Eu import at this time.

Dang man… that’s 50% cheaper than anywhere I’ve seen them… definitely worth further investment at that price

It was a great price, even when you have to add 15% sales tax.

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Yeah you guys got it rough. I hate this whole import tax thing. We want to give people the best recommendations then you find out they cant get it.

On the Fostex i would like to hear the Fostex TH900. Master Switch really liked it. But unless they come up with a Corona virus cure doesnt look likes its gonna happen. So i got to shell out 1600$ for the pleasure. Would be nice if someone came out with a headphone rental system lol. I’m so sick of the priced people charge on this level. it used to be i though 100$ was a lot for a headphone. now ive payed 3200 on the Auteur and Arya. I know it doesnt cost that much to manufacture and even factoring in over head and R&D i still think the prices for this stuff is horribly inflated.

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