🔷 Fostex TH900

This is the official thread for the Fostex TH900. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed*
  • Closed Back

*These are very amp dependent.

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This should be the first post :grinning:


I am amazed you got the Youtube to embed. Nice.

Looking to sell my TH900’s. Cheap! Love them, but want to try something else.

Hey everyone, something very weird happened to my beloved Fostex TH900’s… some strange looking dots or bubbles or whatever… started forming on the outside of the headphone. Not everywhere though… just on one particular part of the exterior. I hope you can help me understand what’s going on… I’ll attach a clear picture of the area so you can see…

I heard these were bass cannons but hmm yeah they did have a lot of sub-bass and a decent amount of mid-bass. I don’t know if it’s bio-dynamics that I might not like but the impact wise they were a little less than what I thought would be. These were the MK2 version.

What were you comparing to? I think these have great impact

Maybe I wasn’t listening to them right… I was using a ifi micro black label. But I thought the LCD-X had more impact. I wasn’t using the same amp too. Maybe it was just a weird TH900. The HD 800 I tried at the same store felt like left and right channels were switched.

The micro should push them no problem, so perhaps you value more speed in your bass over the slower roll off of the th900 bass. Also that doesn’t sound good lol. That can happen where demo stuff gets messed up

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Maybe? I mean to my ears LCD-4 is the best bass I heard so I’m not sure if that would be described as fast? :thinking: Yeah I think someone was messing with them. Probably a return.

The bass on the lcd4 is pretty clean, hard hitting, and fast, so that would make sense. Also the impact on the 4 is excellent.

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does the green, blue and red sound different from each other?

Yes, they are special editions and have different turnings from each other

do you know the differences?

To correct myself, only the blue has the sapphire tuning, the emerald is the same as the red. The sapphire has toned down highs, a bit less recessed midrange, and comes off a bit warmer compared to the normal mk2 red

I have an issue with my mk2 of this. The left cup makes annoying creaking sounds if I “wiggle” my head with them on. Bought them brand new just under 2 years ago.

But I love them otherwise.

Maybe a connector problem from the Pins or the fine Cabel inside is broke.

I’m set for life now.


got the verite today yet these are on my head… :thinking:

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Moon Audio has preorders for the TH900 mk2 Pearl white: https://www.moon-audio.com/fostex-th900-mk2-pearl-white-headphone.html

They look very nice.

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