From HE400i to T20/T50 mk3?

I currently own the HE-400i, and the Status Audio CB1. While I love both I want to get something closed back but planar, and I keep wondering if the t20 or t50 would be a good replacement for the 400i/CB1.

Mostly just want to keep that planar sound, some decent sound stage… but also be able to listen to music while at home, instead of everything else going on in the apartment.

T50 would be a solid option. It’s not completely closed, though. Also, the T50s need some modding to fulfill their potential. It can be as simple as a pad swap, or you could send them in for an Argon mod.

Another option, look for a used ZMF Classic. It has some sound stage. It’s not huge by any means, but by all accounts, it’s one of the better T50 mods.

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The modding thing is something I’d keep away from, aside from pad swapping. I’d basically be aiming for stock t50’s with different pads at some point. Might just pull the trigger on them and see how they do.

Pad swap is easy, and there are a lot of options. You could even buy it with ZMF pads for $190 I think.

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I have a few pairs of pads laying around, from what some people have said pad changing on the T50 can be a gamble… are the ZMF pads a good fit on em?

They should be solid. Zach from ZMF wouldn’t sell a subpar product.

Yeah that’s a good point. Might be giving them a shot here soon, always wanted to try the T50’s and it seems like as good a time as ever.

Just wonder how they compare to the 400i. Def don’t want to be losing anything in terms of sound.

It’s a completely different sound signature than the 400i. One isnt better than the other really, just different.

I get that, just hoping it’s around the same in terms of not being bright or anything like that.

It’s been so long since I’ve listened to them unmodded but I know they aren’t overly bright. The pads make a big difference. The ZMF pads should have a better seal with them. Stock T50s do leak some noise.

My honest suggestion would be to look for a used ZMF Classic. You can find them for around $200. I haven’t personally listened to them, but the consensus is, they are a warm headphone with present mids. They have solid bass and detail. It sounds like they would fit what you are looking for.

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Is there any option close to that in the 100-200 range? I’ve got the ZMF classic on a sticky note, just wonder if there’s anything else in that range that might be a good option as well. Also I suck at finding used headphones.

For planars, there aren’t really many options in that price range. You could find a used m1060c for right around 200. Probably easier to find than a ZMF Classic.

Best places for used headphones: r/avexchange, headfi for sale forum, ebay

I guess the next question would be for dynamic closed back in that range then. Might have to dig into it.

Now you have lots of options:

Beyerdynamic DT770
Audio Technica MSR7
Audio Technica M40X (pad swap is a must)
Meze 99 Noir
Meze 99 Neos
Senn HD 598 C

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Never tried a closed back of sennheisers so the 598 C might be on the top of the list in competition with the T50RP lol

I would strongly encourage you to check out the DT770, too. It’s a great headphone, and you could find one on the resell for market a solid price.

I’ll have to look into them. Cause at this point I was gonna scoot with the closed back 598’s. But I’ve never had anything beyer so I might wanna give em a shot.

The 770s are as old and reliable as time. Truly a classic headphone.

I do hear a lot about Beyer having aggressive highs, does that apply to the DT770s? I’m pretty sensitive to highs and tend to avoid anything with much emphasis up there.

It’s definitely a V-shaped headphone (forward bass, recessed mids, forward treble). However, I never found the treble harsh on them. Bright but not harsh.

Note: there are different versions of the 770. 20, 32, 80 and 250 ohms. I think 80 is most popular. The lower impedance ones have the most bass from what I’ve heard.