Gaming and guitar recording headphones

hello everyone!

i am looking to buy new headphones for gaming (untill now i had cloud 2 headset) and for my electric guitar recording / playing.

i saw zeos and other youtube videos about the gaming but i couldnt choose which one to buy.

i play fps game , mainly Escape From Tarkov , so the ability to pinpoint where other players / footstep / shots are is the most important for me . ( i guess it call imaging?)

about music , i listen to different types of rock and classical music.
i also play / record my electric guitar on my ipad pro using presouns i one interface and using bias fx software.

right now i have cheap headphones for my recording and the most annoying thing about them is when i play with distortion and some other effects with song in the background i cant hear any of the reverb and delay clearly, its like all the sounds mixed to each other (i hope this is good explanation).

i prefer closed back ( i play games / guitar very late and i dont want to interrupt my wife) and my budget is about 150$.

do you have any suggestions for me?

i thank you all for your time and help , and if you need some more info please say.

I think an akg k371 would be a good choice imo. I also think the dt770 250 ohm would meet your requirements, but you may want to consider an amp with that one

If you need a headphone with a mic, the cooler master mh751 is pretty good too, but that’s less of a studio headphone

thank you for your replay.

about the dt 770 , how can i tell if my presouns ione can sustain the 250 ohm?
do you have any suggestion for cheap amp?

I actually think you could get a dt770 80 ohm and be pretty safe. The ione could probably power the 250 ohm but it may not be able to get loud. The 80 ohm isn’t as refined but is easier to drive. I think the k371 doesn’t need an amp to sound good

what do you mean by easier to drive?
sorry for this question , i just dont understand much about this area

The headphone will respond well without a dedicated headphone amp. With something like the 250 ohm dt770, it will sound better on an amp and may be lacking on a phone or an audio interface. The 80 ohm is easier to drive and will sound better with a phone or audio interface and won’t need an amp

Also no problem, if you have any questions just ask

i see,

so the 250 ohm will sound better and louder then the 80 ohm if ill add amplifier to my setup?
is there any cheap amplifier that can do the job ?

What type of budget would you have for the amp? You would connect the external amp by connecting it up to the presonus monitor outs

is there any good amps for about 30-40 $?

For that budget I think that the 80 ohm and no amp might be the better choice. You would get pretty close to the 250 ohm imo

thank you for your replay!
i have another question , i looked at the dt 990 , i noticed they are open back.
since i never had open back headphones i want to ask,
is the sound leak is very loud? or its just noticed in 1-2 meters radius ?

So it is kinda like a phone speaker on low volume per se. It might bother people in your room depending on how loud you listen. If you want a hybrid, I didn’t recommend it before, but I actually prefer the semi open dt880 600 or 250 ohm the most out of the 770 and 990, but you would be spending a fair bit more on an amp

how about the Sennheiser HD 599?
will they fit to my needs? and do i need amp for them aswell?

The 599 would be good, but personally I would prefer the hd58x instead as I think that doesn’t need an amp and is better preforming since you are now looking into open backs

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does anyone know if it possible to connect headphones amplifier to presonus ione?
i want to buy the the dt 990 250 ohm , and i know my presonus ione wont be able to drive them.

i tried to look on any forum and couldnt find how to use both hp amp and the ione .

i reason i need the ione is for my ipad connection. i use the ipad as my recording station so the ipad connection is very importent to me.

please help

So you would connect and amp to the monitor out jacks on the ione. The Ione would act as the dac

He 4xx heads down my recc makes guitar sound natural and clean while having a nice round soundstage and images decently well


so basically i need to connect the amp to the jack i connect my headphones?

No, on the back of the interface there are 2 jacks correct?

So you want 1/4 inch to rca adapters, and that would plug into the headphone amp input

Something like this cable

Hosa CPR-201 Dual 1/4" TS to Dual RCA Stereo Interconnect Cable, 1 Meter

Or this
CESS 6.35mm 1/4inch Male Mono Plug to RCA Female Audio Adapter Connector - 6.35mm Mono Male to RCA Female (LW) (10 Pack)