Gaming burnout, and how do you deal with it?

I am having gaming burnout again and I cannot seem to find a game that hooks my interest lately. Also a possible factor on why I am not hyped for games anymore is because of the shitty gaming companies still releasing shit like always and I have learned the hard way of over-hyping a game can make you disappointed in the end if it’s bad. How do you guys deal with it? and I am pretty sure I am not alone with this at the moment.

The two major types of games that I’m seeing nowadays are:

  1. AAA games that get released broken af especially for PC, and it takes another year to fix the game with various patches. Some of them don’t even get any (I’m looking at you, Nier Automata).

  2. Microtransaction games, and the worst of them, gacha games: the endless marathon of get-the-next-better-unit.

My solution is to play the old games.


I used to game a lot, but I, too, haven’t been able, for many years, to find a game that has managed to keep my interest for longer than only a couple of hours or a week at best.
It’s hard to pinpoint why exactly, but one of the factors was that I was getting sick and tired of all the propaganda and political agendas that were being forced down my throat through games in recent years. It was becoming increasingly clear to me that the industry had grown so big that it had become an even larger propaganda machine than Hollywood.

So my answer is probably not what you’re after, but I dealt with it by concluding that gaming wasn’t a necessity in life but largely a waste of valuable time anyway, and I started reading books about subjects that interested me instead.

But I also agree with Hamed; when I do occasionally play a game it’s one that I enjoyed back in the day (or one that I always wanted to play but never did back then) and one that doesn’t require me to invest weeks or months of my life into it. Just something that can be played casually for maybe an hour or two.


There is always to option not to play.
Getting a new hobby or continue old one, reading is great and go more outside, meet people.
Doing something else than game. Card games with people is different.

I play few games at the time. Those have some interest or plenty of fun. Just keep coming back to those and not even looking at the marketing adverts or hype trains.
There are few types of games i have liked and still like so i want to focus on those.

Have noticed the overall “quality” or gaming experience of games has gone down with the change of generations of games.
From the early days of Philips Videopac G7000 / Magnavox Odyssey 2. Just two stick men shooting dots to now days. Playing a game with 2 stick figure cowboys shooting dots would still be great fun compared to some new games and pointlessness they give…
It has to be involved with quarterly incomes companys and rushing things, not finalizing game at the first place and patch it up if sales are good. Moving forward, making better being better than the competition and so on.

Story lines and plots are bad in single games and or you really have to play hours on hours or weeks and the end… is still not good. Not worth the all the gaming > might lead to gaming burnout.

By playing numerous of different games and many many hours of daily playing can lead to same thing, not finding those that give pleasure and fun of gaming.

When finding more higher priority’s than gaming, like setting up a family or working regularly (more sleeping and more). Gaming fades away more and more, for most people.

But finding the game type / games than bring joy and fun. You kinda need to find it yourself.
Its kinda like the audio thing here. Some like this headphone, some like that speaker and you don’t.

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What’s wrong with Nier? Thought about picking that game up on PC.

The performance isn’t horrible (could’ve been much better though) but you’re going to need FAR if you have fullscreen resolution issue. It has some settings for shadows, too.

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Yeah Nier Automata does not have a good PC port, and yes FAR does help to mitigate that issue.

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  1. Get away from the big titles. It only takes one good indie team to make a game that feels like home.

  2. When you are a social type, play a game where one can relax while playing (Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, etc.). When you are the single player type, Indie games o-plenty!

  3. Take a break. Read a book or two, watch those 25 Youtube videos you have on the watch later list (or open in tabs).

pick up a hobby like hifi, i hear theres even a site or 2 for it.

reading books is good. until you get to my point, where you have read a few thousand books. work more? make money instead of spending it.

Youtube, netflix, hulu ect have lots of good documentaries these days on any subject under the sun.

Donate your time to charity and volunteer. its very rewarding and you help your fellow man.

Start working out. proper workout burns time.

Arts and crafts: make things and sell em.

Start golfing. cardio and fun

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I take breaks from games but if Im feeling burnt out I have my comfort games I go back to , siege , league , overwatch. but I generally only play one type of game at a time I used to only play mobas, now I play only hero shooter. but I played far cry 5 recently a type of game I was burnt out of last gebneration when skyrim came out. but something about playing asingle player open world game again after yakuza and breath of the wild being the only open world single player games I have played for the past 8 years coming into a game like farcry felt somehow refreshing. generally when a game catches my attention its generally something about it I wasn’t necessarily looking for. and often than not being pleasantly surprised. I just tend to stay away from genres I generally hate like mmos , jrpgs, and bethesda games. not the games they publish but the games they make. while these days finishing games isnt really a thing I stress about but I still love playing them. I do think I brute force games a bit too much though. for example valorant , overwatch a, and siege. I used to be absolute garbage at all of them and never had fun until I started improving and climbing to the top of the team leaderboards now Im an addict. but iuI used to be in your position back when I had all day to play games. these days I work 10 hours a day during the week so the 2 games of valorant I can squeeze through my day feel great especially if im doing good. I also find its much easier to get burned out of single player games than multi player games so that could also be just me.

Im also a heavy media consumer and when im not sleeping im constantly taking in some sort of media so mindlessly playing a game while listening to music or a podcast really helps. but honestly if your not into playing that many games right now that probably means youve played too many and it really is time to find something else to do for now.

I’ve changed substantially as a gamer. I’m more interested in short form arcade games. I don’t find it easy to play through a game that is driven by a narrative. I did indulge on Spider Man for the PS4 and that was a fantastic experience, but I have a backlog that includes the FF 7 remake and the latest Star Wars game and I just can’t seem to ramp up my attention span to get into them.

Some of those you mentioned are already other hobbies of mine, like working out, hifi stuff, listening to music and among other things. But I do appreciate the suggestions that you are all giving me.

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Also I think this burnout that I am having right now is not a severe one, give me a couple of days or week and I am back again to do my usual games. Also, a possible factor why I burned out quickly is due to me being persistent to keep on playing Darkest Dungeon, for I already know DD is not that forgiving game to begin with xD. So I guess it is a possible reason why I burned out lol.

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For me I just move on to something different if I’m getting burnt out. Without knowing what you’re into hard to make a specific recommendation. Since you’re in to the Darkest Dungeon, you may like Dead Cells since it’s also a rouge lite. My all time favorite indie game is Celeste. My favorite major franchises (that are on PC) are Dark Souls, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Gears of War—just to name a few.

Even with all the crap that gets released, there’s always tons of great stuff out already out there. You just have to find it.

I would second the suggestions of getting away from the AAA space, there are few games I pickup anymore that are from the self-proclaimed AAA publishers. I tend to think the story in those games is just so subpar that it doesn’t hold my attention at all, and the multiplayer is often so riddled with so many monetization strategies that it isn’t fun if you can’t dedicate multiple hours a day to it and that isn’t me.

Indies definitely help with that, they tend to have more engaging stories that actually have a point, instead of just having what I would call “social window dressing” in order to make you think they’re trying to say something important.

Also, as others have said, sometimes it helps to just take a break for a little bit

I have been doing that, also thanks to my bestfriend who introduced me to Indie games such as Terraria and Starbound. With those games introduced to me, it gives me a ray of hope for gaming that there might be out there that are underappreciated and just overall overshadowed by the shitty games.

I really want to say not all AAA games are bad. We are starting to see a wave of neeAAA or AA games. Just took at the monster year2017 was for AAA. This year while not as good we have a good amount to look forward to.


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I´m dealing with this issue aswell. I hate it. I play games my entire life but most games tend to not hook me anymore. I don´t know why. I´m in this phase right now where i don´t know what to play. Like mentioned, many games lost quality these days. Not all of them for sure. So many moneygrabs out there…
I start watching youtube videos about games out there just to realize that most oh them dont interest me :rofl:

Im a shooter player since ever…The last game that really hooked me was Escape from Tarkov when i started playing it 2018. Im taking a break of it at the moment but i hope i will go back in the future.
This game was such a crazy surprise for me. When i first saw it i thought i would never ever have fun with it. I was so wrong. Its really super hard to get into and even when you know the game you get stomped. But that doesnt matter, because this game has such depth in his mechanics and gameplay + soo incredible eye for the little details. Its really a unique and i guess simply one of the best games (and shooters in general) i have ever played, despite its issues and flaws.

Problem is, that everything i have played after Tarkov somehow felt really boring.
I just hope the industry changes to the better the next years. The big failes of bethesda, EA and others are not overseen i guess.