Geek Wold GK10.....1 BA 2Piezoelectric and 2DD

1 balanced armature for high frequency
2 piezoelectric ceramic for ultra-high frequency
7mm graphene diaphragm dynamic for middle frequency
8mm dome titanium diaphragm dynamic for bass

Panel: stable wood

All for $45 :open_mouth:



Not gonna lie… Made an order 2 days ago from penon and had to control myself not to add these to the cart. Lots of good feedback for a 45$ iem

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Any frequency graphs floating around for this?

How is it just $45 with all that tech?

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Placed an order. Used a coupon code on Penon Audio which brought it down to $39. Crazy price for what’s in these. Too good to ignore! Even if the performance ends up reflecting the price, I will have it as a backup set and a different presentation/flavour.


Looks like Penon also do free delivery to the UK :eyes:

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Really curious to hear the reviews on these, they look great. I spent long finding these from this thread, the title says gx10 in stead of gk10 and I wrongly assumed geek wold should’ve been spelled geek woRld lol.

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Fixed the title :sweat_smile:


i looked at the title quick and also read geek world, and thought it was maybe some sort of audio meetup lol


That explains why i didn’t find them on Google, then.

If they really exhibit piezo characteristics, they can be really interesting as a “tech test” to help decide on more expensive gear.

An “ideal” beginner collection could then have:

  • a set with ba timber
  • a set with berilium DD
  • a set with piezo Twitter

Yeah the piezo thing is partly why I want them. I have regular DD, a hybrid with BA and beryllium coated DD and a sigle BA but I have not tribrids or anything with a piezoelectric driver. And this is a hell of a lot cheaper way to try that out than the LZ A7, that’s for sure :P. Though I doubt they are better than the A7. Just sucks that I haven’t found a single actual review of them.

I am getting a set. :wink:


Here is a post on it vs the A7:

So am I, just placed an order for the green ones at penon audio. Even with taxes they’re really not expensive. Let’s hope they’ll actually make it here in 7-21 days with the new customs rules… Didn’t have to pay anything for the similarly priced M2 Pro by the way.

Yeah I read that, however I always find it difficult when there is one review who says it’s almost as good as something that is way more expensive, especially when I haven’t heard that very expensive thing. I will be shocked if you also find it a sidegrade to the A7. It’ll be a happy surprise of course, but still a surprise.

IMO, I dont expect much of it. Geek Wold is one of the few brands that have managed to earn an F ranking for me (and E on Crinacle).

Well now you tell me…

:beers: buddy…bloody predictive text :grimacing:

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Still found it easier to find with the gx10 than not realising it was Geek Wold :joy:

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There is another person who has the GK10, also positive so who knows; it might be good.


Hoping to get mine in tomorrow. Today I have felt the pain of the new EU customs stuff for the first time, had to give the b*stards €8 to get them to advance the process :cry:

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