Genre or music you HATE or confuses you? (feel free to rant)

Not that i hate this, but going around youtube and finding this conflicted me. It’s so strange to think that alot of kids now will grow up listening to this kind of music is a WEIRD thought.
I have no problem with the message, the artist neither but for some reason this type of genre feels disgusting to me. I don’t know was wondering about others. So much love let’s spread some negativity. lol jk. But this thread is technically for that.

not a weird thought because kids will listen to this. But to think that someone will grow up to this and considering it their beetles, michael jackson etc

Opera just opera :confounded:

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Rap and hip-hop. Pisses me off. Don’t know why, just does.


Okay, that was… weird. Yeah I have a problem with everything there basically. In no way does that appeal to me. :joy:
Personally, I detest the mumble autotune rap that most kids in America listen to these days. Talking about how they have millions of dollars, all the hot girls, fancy cars, and all the drugs etc.
Neither the music or the message appeals to me at all.
However, I do like rap that is more intellectual or that talks about important things, and has a little more musicality to it, which is why I love NF. His style is all about that.
One thing too is that I get a lot of flak from people for liking metalcore and hardcore, as well as emo/goth music. I don’t know why (well actually I think I do lol), but within the chaos of the songs I can pick up on little nuances and details in the melodies and the words.


It’s VERY rare for VGM to actually offend my soul, usually I just don’t like them or I don’t catch on to the tracks.

But these 2 are so bad that I literally HAVE to lower the volume after a while because they make me go insane when they are on loop.

First we have joke’s end from the ORIGINAL mario & luigi superstar saga (I am glad to inform you that this was fixed in the remake)

It’s WAY too simple and repetitive. The fact this was intended to be looped for like 2 hours of playtime is just insane, I cannot stand it for more than 15 minutes and that’s being generous. I get what they were trying to do, but it’s not pleasing.

The second one however…oooohhhhh boy

Now this one WTF?

Seriously, who decided this was okay?

I like the TP ost, but this is just ridiculous. ONE LOOP and it gets tiring already, idk why it was intended to be looped for a couple of hours.


For me, pretty much most pop. Example Taylor swift, imagine dragons, etc , etc.


Any music played loud in public.
Everyone of those bluetooth speaker users riding a bike, I wish your sleeves slip down while you wash your hands!


Oooooooooooo! Don’t share your hate but I DEFINITELY dislike it too lol


Oooooooh! Interesting indeed! I know you said you don’t know why but do you think it could be the lyrics or the gang culture with it?

Yeah haha mumble rap is the worst! Lol. It’s crazy tho cuz there’s alot of famous mumble rappers to my knowledge. Like it’s very mainstream. And yeah I feel ya I totally hate that side of rap, with whatever lyrics about just showing their women, money and drugs. It’s boring

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At first I was kinda cool with them. But for someone like you who listens to video game music I can see how annoying this would be

I don’t mind it TBH, but I can say it does get obnoxious at times

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Imagine dragons is pop??? I don’t know I heard I think IMAGINE or something like that and it dosent sound like pop. Taylor swift used to have some good shit tho

Well I know you don’t mind it lol based on the stuff you showed me. And yeah I mean case by case it doesn’t bother me too much. Mumble rap does however

Lololol I guess it could be annoying

@MrSushi Oh yes that too. I hate almost all mainstream Pop. So shallow with both the music and the lyrics.
@anon54878099 Yeah NF is almost the only rapper I listen to. He’s a bit like Eminem with his own style. Here’s a few examples:

He is such a poet with his words and the background music is sometimes really good with the strings. Sorry lol I get excited about music I like.

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I don’t know… I kinda dig pop music lol… Specially kpop. Mon knows what’s up

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For me, I still ponder about why Trap is so popular…