Geshelli ENOG2 2 Pro Review

This is a short review of the Geshelli ENOG 2 Pro DAC.

IMO all the DAC that “most” people will ever need.

Awesome review, how does it compare to the SMSL SU8 V2 dac? If you have A/B them yet. And you say the Archel 2 pro competes with the SP200? What cans did you use to test? I also read that the Archel pro amps dont pair well with playnars, any truth to that? Thanx

I haven’t tested the SMSL DAC I need to reach out for one of them to test.

Volume matched the Archel 2 pro and SP200 sound practically identical to my ears.

The Archel 2 pro plays my Hifiman HE4XX ok at low gain(no power overhead) high gain is where you want to be on planar.

The Archel 2.5 pro should be shipped to me next week which has a full watt of power. The 2.5 should have all the power needed… I think but I’ll know more next week.

I tested
Grado SR80e
Beats ep
V-moda masters
Focal listen
Koss kph30i
Beyer Dynamics DT880 600ohm ( these need a lot of volume on high gain)
Tin HiFi T2 PRO

I might be missing something but I basically tested on most of the headphones we have…

The 600 DT880 were by far the hardest to drive. High gain and probably about 3-4 o’clock on the volume knob

I tested alot of these vs the modi3 /Archel 2 and ENOG2 / ARCHEL 2 and ENOG2 2/ sp200

So you would say the arcel 2 pro has more than enough clean power for playnars?

No, it has just enough with no over head. I think with planar you want the Archel 2.5 pro… NOT the 2

But the 2 will play them fine on high gain

Thanx so much. I see the 2.5 is also 600mw at 16ohm the same as the archel 2?

No, 1 watt per channel at 16ohm

The Archel 2 pro is .6watt (600mw)

Damn lol, i was looking at the wrong place

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how do you output fiber optic from your computer in to this dac

Do you have a desktop or a laptop?

i have a desktop

It should have an optical out on the back of the motherboard, you just need a toslink cable

sadly i dont have one

If you have a cheaper motherboard it might not have an optical out, so you could use a digital to digital converter.

Yup this works just fine, should get the job done if you don’t have an optical out

Now 180$ with free shipping to US and Canada!

It’s bee at that price for months. same as the amps.

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Get a Topping D10 and you’ll get a great entry level DAC along with a SPIDIF and TOSLINK out as a bonus.

D10 and Enog2 Pro (which I am currently selling).