🔷 Geshelli Erish

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  • XLR BAL out, XLR BAL in
  • 1 WPC @ 32 ohm
  • Fully Balanced, Unity or 6x gain, LED control

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Z Reviews…


is it odd for an amp to be balanced out only? this is the only one I can recollect not having se output included.

For most truly balanced amps the single ended performance isn’t the greatest anyways, so imo I don’t mind the omission, if you don’t want balanced just go for the archel 2.5 pro or go for both lol


Mine arrives tomorrow. Will give impressions when it arrives.

Also, here’s a link to an ASR thread about it (with some mild flame wars, so be forwarned).

Anyone else have one coming?

going for both is what’s in my head…I just commented because I thought it odd.

Is the Enog 2 Pro fully balanced?

If so then this is a nice set option from them, get both amps and one Enog to feed both.

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Some of us who really struggle with ground loops, noise, and emi issues need the balanced stuff (and pretty much solely use balanced). It’s also a great that there’s a fully balanced (hopefully quality) low priced entry point to the balanced world. Even though other people might not find an ‘only balanced’ amp super useful, I definitely do :stuck_out_tongue:

Love my Archel, but I do want the balanced out

Enog has both XLR and RCA outputs. Input is coax / optical only.

The goal is the 3 piece Geshelli stack (and then the Monolith LP stack when that DAC comes out).

Specs, measuremen, snr, and sinad scores they measured themselves are impressive. If this is good then literally no reason for anyone to be buying thx amps with the d90 and this if they really wanted a balanced setup. I mean there was virtually no reason before aside from not knowing any better but I imagine this amp is gonna be like $250-300


The pre-order price for me was about $180. I’m tentatively guessing it will be priced similarly to the Archel 2.5 Pro and will be sold as the fully balanced alternative.

$180 if it sounds good and the measurements are corroborated this stacked on top of the archel would make a killer setup for most of your needs

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Not to mention custom colors / paint jobs and form factor being excellent benefits.

Full orange stack ftw

Still want another DAC to experience other stuff, but I feel like it’s not really necessary for a while, as I feel the Enog does my cans / amps / music justice for now.

Yeah, now only if they’d re-release the Enog2, twice as wide with all the inputs and outputs on the back, call it the Enog 2 Phat, and then you stack the amps side by side on top of it and the whole thing would be sold together in a bundle as the Geshelli Phat Stack…


I just want an enog with all the inputs and outs coming from the back maybe a secondary input from the front.

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I know! might have to make a custom chassis with custom cables that lets you hide the 90 degree cable runs that go to plugs at the back. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would honestly pay good money for that. I like the cases a lot though. Very unique and good looking imo.

I can’t really imagine if Geshelli made a higher quality / more luxurious Amp or an even higher quality DAC…I would jump on that so fucking fast…

Gimme a Geshelli Phono pre-amp, and I’d buy my turntable here and now lol

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Same lol, would love to see a balls to the wall geshelli design


Also, reviews found…

Farsil the Wizard

David Sylvia

Also surprised these two haven’t come up in the reviewers thread. I find myself liking Farsil a lot. Not the most informative or the easiest to listen to, but feels pretty honest and tactful.

David Sylvia is a little too nice, but I’ve enjoyed listening to his opinions on stuff. Seems like a cool dude.

I don’t care for their cases. they are definitely unique…but I think I’d put them into something that looks more like MAD tube amps with the wooden four post look…but the case would also be wood, but a different color, that compliments the leg posts. :smiley:

Yea. I think one of the primary reductions in price is how ridiculously easy these things are to pull apart, put together, customize, and produce. I think the style/design of the case has a big impact on that. I dunno if you’ve pulled one apart yet, but it’s ridiculously easy and well thought out. Only thing I’d want is the Enog’s inputs to be in the rear.

I get how people don’t exactly like the look, but I’m of the opinion that it’s one of their great selling points :slight_smile:. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

A wood geshelli case would be something to behold…I’m guessing that they’d probably be ok with giving someone their CAD files (since they’re very cool people) or whatever for the case so you could design and 3D print/router one of your own.

Got it in today. Listening with my Elegia for tonight. Will be a/b-ing with the Archel and LP tomorrow. Will let you guys know what I think of it in a few days. Initial impression is that it sounds pretty damn good. Very analytical in comparison to the other two amps on my bookshelf.

I will however start by saying a quick a/b with the Archel gives me the impression that the Erish is a decent bit more defined / sharp / analytical. Where the Archel is a bit smooth and natural (and a tinnnnnnnnnny tiny tiny bit veiled in comparison to the Erish at first listen). The Erish also has a good bit more punch, dynamics, imaging, and separation. Soundstage feels similar. bass extension and definition are better on the Erish hands down (took me a bit of listening to both with bass heavy tracks). Both volume pots are the same and have the same channel imbalanced below 9 o’clock. I fell to temptation and a/b’ed them via the hart audio cable adapter (after trying to volume match by ear as closely as possible). Both hooked up to the Enog via RCA and XLR. Tried XLR vs RCA on the Archel, and the sound is verryyyy similar, so I don’t think it’s cheating to compare them this way. Low gain on both and low gain on the enog. Decided preference for the Erish on the first day.