🔷 Geshelli Labs Archel 2.5 Pro

This is the official thread for the Geshelli Labs Archel 2.5 Pro

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 1 WPC @ 16 Ohms with Unity Gain or 6x Gain
  • Balanced and RCA in
  • < .000095% THD+N and very neutral

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There’s been some discussion here but I wanted to make a thread for the Archel 2.5 pro. I have to say I love this thing. It has enough power for pretty much anything in a very small package.

Here’s my normal listening volume on fostex t60rp on high gain.

And here’s where the knob is at maximum volume.

And even pushing t60rps on high gain, it doesn’t even get the slightest bit warm.

My only 2 complaints are: 1) the knob itself, it doesn’t have the best indicator in the world and its kind of slippery, and 2) no led indicator to tell you which input you have selected. Both of these are small complaints, and more importantly not related to sound. Not a single complaint with sound. I haven’t had a chance to hook up iems to it, but I’ll be doing that soon and I’ll report back here. Also, I solved my little knob complaint through some research and measuring.

Knob feel, indicator, and grip improved dramatically.

That’s all for now. Id love to here some more opinions on this excellent amp from others who have it!


You mind if I make an official one and merge this?

Please do. This thing deserves some love.

Update for iems:

my listening volume on Jade Audio EA3s

And the volume position where the first audible hiss occurs

Working on the review!


I have a custom color in the works. I’ll post pics when I get it in. So far very impressed. The extra power delivers more thump and more headroom when pushing harder to drive headphones. Another impressive release from Geshelli Labs.!

A few of the different color face plates in the pic above.

Review is now live.


Nice review, well thought out and to the point :+1:

I can say for sure that I would personally take the 2.5 over a thx for most of my headphones

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I currently have the DAC on the highest gain and the amp on low gain. Is that ideal? Or should I do high gain on amp on low on DAC. Or does it not matter for audio quality lol

I have the DAC on the highest gain and the amp will depend on the headphones.

I would experiment though, I found the sound quality of the Archel 2 and liquid spark sounded the best to my ears with the ENOG 2 on the second gain level.

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I would also say to leave the dac in the middle gain, as it will allow you more flexibility imo, and also get your amp in the sweet spot more


Quick unboxing of the ENOG 2 and Archel 2.5 Pro


Great review @epic225! Anyone able to compare this with balanced inputs to RNHP? I’d love to save a buck if I can. Currently running an Atom with SU8.

So I would say the rnhp is on a different tier, but I still really enjoy the 2.5 pro a fair bit, personally it’s my pick under 400 for bang for the buck if you want clean transparent natural sound

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I’ll keep saving :slight_smile:

Yeah, Have both on my desk and I agree with Mon. It gets you about 90% to the RNHP. Tone wise they sound really close, the RNHP has better layering of sound and retrieves a little more detail.

Both are great the Archel 2.5 has noticeably more power on my 600ohm and planar headphones.

If you couldn’t wait you could live and be happy with the Archel 2.5 in my opinion. If you want a solid state that can probably carry you up to the 1k price range it’s the RNHP.


Anyone who has this I highly recommend looking into a nicer volume knob like I did in above posts. Really adds so much.