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  • Balanced & SE outputs (can be used simultaneously)
  • 4 SPDIF inputs (2 Toslink, 2 RCA Coax)
  • Optional Amanero USB module (supports DSD)
  • 249USD (spdif only); 299USD (w/ USB module)

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This got in today.

Testing with Focal Elegia < Magni Heresy < Modi3+ (optical input) vs. J2 (Amanero USB Input)

Full gain on the J2 is LOUD compared to the Modi. So I bumped it down to match in Medium gain.

Modi seems less resolving than the J2. Vocals and the guitars are coming out more clearly in the J2. Can’t tell if anything else is happening, but that’s where I’m at now.


the Modi has always been a criticized product…it’s never shined like other options at the same price.

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Any other impressions, @gdwallasign? I am really curious about this DAC!

Oh yeah sorry. The thing has been great. When I’ve been running it xlr vs. Rca out to my da-8s I get a slightly less volume but get some great quality kick all around. The da-8s is running studio 530 jbl speakers.

I’ve been using an erish with the j2 and have been having all sorts offfun rrunning tthrough ssome ddisused iems. My mee planamics sound really good now. The tin t3 kick ass, blon bl03 are as good as ever.

I only have a balanced cable that fits my focal elegia, which have been great. I’ll get my hands on a balanced cable that fits the meze 99 noir weird cup plug, but I’m having fun with what I have.


That is rad, thank you! I currently have a Modi 3+ paired with a IEMagni. Pretty happy with the set-up at the moment, but it is always fun learning more about new gear.

Cheers, my friend, enjoy!

That was my finding with the Modi vs ENOG and Jnog

Each step added noticeable better resolution and tone. Modi isn’t bad for the money but the Jnog is a completely different level.


Hey! Any chance i can convince you to post the dimensions? Trying to see how it’ll fit on my desk and in my stack.

I believe it’s the same size/ chassis as the J1 which I’m measuring mine at roughly 4.75" x 6.25" x 2"

Hi, just curious, how do you connect iems to the Erish?

Hello @epic225, I currently use a ENOG2 PRO with the Asgard3, do you think it would be worth to upgrade to the JNOG2? or just stick with the ENOG2 PRO? Thanks!

I use cables with a 2.5mm end and use this to convert. Going into the balanced out on my Liquid Platinum. You can find these not from drop as these are out of stock right now.

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JNOG is a noticable improvement over the ENOG2.

The ENOG2 maybe more than enough on some amps, but on amps like Erish it’s SUPER noticable and makes a world of difference.

After I got it and used it with some other amps like the RNHP, I wouldn’t go back to the ENOG…

That says alot because the ENOG is Badd Ass


Any other J2 owners here that would like to share their opinion on the J2 sound? I’m looking to upgrade my old Topping D30 and I’m interested in the Geshelli J2, but nobody on the internet seems to be talking about it or offering comparisons to other gear in its price range.

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It’s kind of a low volume item on top of being in a slightly awkward price bracket for DACs. That said, I found this review with a comparison to the Topping D50s which may be helpful:

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I personally love my J2, got it to try to deal with a ground-loop running RCA’s to active monitors and it totally fixed the issue.
I also think it pairs very well with their amps.

My gripes are the lack of Volume control which I could totally get past using a pre-amp but the output volume is significantly less that you would expect from a balanced dac… I think 2.5Vrms vs 4+ I’m used to seeing… so this affects how much gain i need to add which kinda sucks because it would probably perform even better noise floor wise given the added gain… idk maybe it had a limitation or it was just a design choice…

It’s relegated to only running my Erish and Archel 2.5Pro which is totally fine, just sucks i needed a pre-amp and technically another DAC if i want things perfect. still happy to support a US company with top notch support!

got an A90 for pre-amp duty and i use it a lot for headphones too so now I’m in the market for another DAC to pair with it for added versatility and to see if i even notice…

It has 3 volume settings. Have you tried adjusting them?




Idk if you’re trolling but 3 volume levels is not volume control by any stretch…

I did use the 3 gain stages in conjunction with minor adjustments from within my mixer (voicemeeter potato) for several months but
A) its super inconvenient to have to change the DAC’s gain every time I want to switch sources with diff volumes. gets old super fast
B) if for example I use Tidal in exclusive mode without mixer (direct to J2) I have effectively zero volume control beyond those 3 gain levels you mentioned above…

I was forced to either buy a pre-amp or something with one for that use case and others. not complaining honestly just wish it output a voltage that most amps expect via XLR… its a nit pick but it makes me only want to use the J2 with their amps…

still debating adding a BF2 or D90 to chain but its tough to justify the money when they both only have some features I like.

I don’t think he is trolling because I was going to reply to you with the exact same thing. Agree that the gain stages are not necessarily volume control but it’s something I suppose. I myself am using a J1 and do miss the volume control I had with my Topping E30

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