🔷 Geshelli Labs J2

I’d like to move my ares 2 to my speakers. Can this thing hang with the Bifrost 2? Cheapaudioman seems to think so.

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I have never heard the bf2 so I really can’t compare earnestly. I also own the J1 so it’s a different chip than the J2

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Yes I wold be very interested to see where this DAC fits in compared to the Bifrost 2 if anyone has/had both? :blush: (mind you if I bought this to go with my RNHP I would have to dismantle it and find another case to put it in… my that is a very er… DIY… look Geshelli have going there, reminds me of my first 02! :blush:)

Can anyone tell me what the max XLR output is? I’ve seen on the site it’s listed as 2.5, but seen talk that it actually might be closer to 4V. Not sure how I feel about only 2.5V of output for an XLR, but 4… that might be enough. Considering this or the new Zen DAC Signature V2. I use an original Zen DAC right now feeding a G111 and with the Hemps, I like that the TI chips soften the highs. I’ve read that the new ZDS V2 keeps the warmth but adds more detail and air up top without making it fatiguing. Love the volume knob, and the manual volume control of the Zen, too, but damn- I want a J2 for those wood cases alone. You could say they give me…wood

The J2 has 3 gain levels, but it’s not clear from their site what the output voltage is. I would shoot them an email at [email protected].

My J2 is arriving in about 72 hours.

Hooking it up to a Liquid Platinum and will be comparing to a Modi 3/Magni 2. I have 6xx/Nighthawk Carbon/T60RP Argons.

Can confirm, large upgrade at dac

Hi All. Love my new J2 DAC. Having random intermittent bursts of ear blowing static and digital noise, after listening for 20 min or longer, when connected to IPAD Air with USC C to USB A dongle or Macbook Pro using USB A to USB B cable into the J2 into an emotiva A100 with either headphones or speakers. restored both operating systems and changed the dongle and cables and the problem continues. Used an earstudio dac and topping mx10 DAC amp with no issues for a few hours. Any tips on troubleshooting or fixing this issue would be appreciated.

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I would say contact Geshelli, maybe your unit is faulty. I have read that sometimes the USB card might be loose (so maybe check that) or USB card sometimes has an issue and they send a replacement.


Thanks so much. I checked and don’t see any loose boards so I contacted Geshelli and they responded right away saying they will send a replacement.


If you haven’t already, contact them. They reached out to me about adding a heatsink and I coincidentally began having a little static in the right channel at that time. Sent in at the directing and got the board swapt. Easy to work with and fast turnaround.

Thank you. I contacted Geshelli and they replaced my DAC. The new one has been working very well for the last few weeks.

Hope the heat sink solves your problem.

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Love my J2. Support was amazing and responded quickly, helped me out even though I likely messed up. :slight_smile:

Running my Liquid Platinum and T60RP Argon.

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Looks like there’s an option to get the J2 with an ES9038Q2M instead of an ES9026PRO now?

Anyone got some background?

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And now the AK4493, can’t seem find anything on the differences yet.

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Yeah, there really doesn’t seem to be much info out there about these three options.