Get a Loxjie A30 or keep my Topping PA3?

I was looking for a new dac/headphone amp combo unit today and stumbled across the Loxjie A30.
This amp would kill 3 birds with 1 stone for me, being a DAC, a headphone and a speaker amp.
The only i’m slightly reluctant about is, i already own a Topping PA3.
Of course it has less power than the PA3, but my speakers only require 15w to amp, and i never turn the volume knob past 12 o’ clock on the PA3, the A30 also has a subwoofer out, which the PA3 lacks.
What do you guys think of it? Good or bad idea?

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I’m not so sure.
The site does mention 15-70 watts. Not just 15.

Jumping down from 70 (which the topping can provide) down to 40 might be a bigger jump than you think.
What about an iFi Zen Can? It’s a Dac. It’s a headphone amp. And it can RCA into the Topping PA3?

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It was the original idea, actually.
I bought a DAC that some guys over at Headfi recommended, but unfortunately the headphone out was defective out of the box.
In fact i was searching for a DAC (specifically the FX Audio D01) when I came across the A30.
The iFi is a little expensive for my pocket at the moment, if i was to buy the A30, I’d sell the PA3 to make ends meet.

what headphones are you using? i think @toruc_macta meant the zen dac, not zen can. zen dac is cheaper then the a30. you already have a speaker amp, save 30ish$ that it sounds like you need. there are also chifi offerings for less then 100$ that are dac/headphone amps.

edit: all in ones are convenient, but typically more expensive then separates. you typically pay for convenience some.

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Currently I’m using a Blon B8 and some cheaper IEMs, and i plan on buying a Verum One at the end of the year.
Definitely not discarding the option to buy a DAC with a headphone amp either, i used to have an XD05 Basic on this setup, but it’s quirks made me get rid of it.

I did mean to say Zen DAC indeed :stuck_out_tongue:
However if iFi is hard to get, it doesn’t matter. Thanks for the warning though xD

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I used to see them all the time for sale on AliExpress but couldn’t find none today, only the Zen Can, maybe due to high demand?

Still easy to find here in europe :stuck_out_tongue:

do a search on aliexpress for your price range and whats available to you and link it. we can find ya something that will work fine.

For a DAC with headphone amp, this is up there in my price range:

I’d like to spend less, if possible, because i believe i don’t need all that much (considering my current headphones and my future goal)

edit: i dont think you at all need the little bit extra decoding ability of the fx. i have a couple aiyima products. same thing as fx, just different chifi brand. theres like 10 of them that all sell the same stuff with different names.

edit2: does bluetooth matter? i should ask that.

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You know, i wanted to get that one, posted here on the forums but i was discouraged to pick it up, on Headfi i was told i should get this one instead:

Sound out of the line output was so good, crisp, but the headphone out had a constant hum, almost like a ground loop, so in the end i returned it.

Not necessary, but it would be nice to have!

that should be a fine dac as well. and it has bluetooth. looks like you trade 1 ess chip for bluetooth and possibly other features? it also looks nicer and has a fancy display screen.

Soundwise it is, and it was powerful too, but QC is lacking from what i’ve seen, not only my unit was defective, it came dinged on one of the corners as well.

Not exactly eager to pick one of these up again.

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Talked to some friends today and decided to go ahead and buy the Loxjie A30.

Why? Because if i don’t like it, one of them is gonna pick it up, he has smaller speakers and a headphone that doesn’t require much power to drive, so, if its no sufficient for me, he’s gonna take it off my hands.

Thanks for the help!

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Updating here in case anybody comes around with the same question:

Yes, the A30 was able to amplify my AAT BSF-100s without issue, normal listening volume around 22 to 30, max i can handle is 45 and the amp’s max is 60.
IIRC somebody mentioned, on another forum, that this amps sounds nicer with “better cabling”, i’m using Logical Ultimate IIs, which are considered to be pretty decent cables, i gotta admit i haven’t tried any others, but with these they sound great.
The output sounds clean, the headphone amp is nice, the bluetooth is a breeze to use and the device in general feels like a solid brick, very dense and well built.
I’ve been using it for 5 days now, so far i’m very happy with the results.