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I’ll be sharing some initial impressions of any IEMs that comes through the door in the future here as well.
Stay tune!


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Welcome to the neighborhood bruh.


Welcome Timmy. Here’s your :cookie:


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Hello Timmy,
It is nice to have you here! I just finished watching your last impression video - I never saw you this doubtful to the most of the sets mentioned - normally you are super hyped about a lot of stuff, so that was quite strange experience, but it cooled down my enthusiasm to Dunu Talos and Moondrop

LOL. Well, with the hype those two built up, especially the Moondrop one it was quite a surprise to hear it not at least tuned to the degree we expect Moondrop to tune. Talos was a nice surprise in a different way. Thanks for stopping by man!

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Will you compare Talos to the other planars?
I’m planar pilled (Timeless and P1P) so I’m excited to know more about Talos.

Just a brief compare for now, will do more in-depth when I release the review video.

Tuning wise Talos has the least amount of flaws (you can say best tuned planar right now), but it also takes very little risk. This is talking about the planar mode tuning as the hybrid is a whole different thing. Let’s explore S12, Timeless, and P1 first.

S12 is special because of the treble and uppermid synergy that gives it a unique sound that works well despite being scary on graph. Main criticism is it leans bright and can be thin for some, and more treble sensitive folks may find it fatiguing. Lots of bass that extends deep with a slight warm quality to the lower mids.

Timeless has a similar approach to the S12 but much less treble forwardness, it sounds more balanced and smoother than S12 with similar treble sparkle prowess, again, just less in-your-face about it. Bass is a similar story to S12 just less in quantity.

P1 Max is the safest of the planars with a noticeable deemphasis of the uppermids, tamer treble, and warmer tilt than both S12 and Timeless. Colored sound, laid back, good for long sessions but has the least “wow” factor and comes across the least detailed to me.

Now Talos… Upper midrange and treble wise it sits in between the Timeless/S12 and P1 Max. It has enough energy to be natural sounding while coming across rather “laid back” (not nearly as much as P1 Max though). Overall very smooth and easy to listen to while being able to display the nuances of each range well enough. Lower midrange is one of the most clean cut from the bass in all the planars I’ve tried. It’s the only true “neutral set” besides maybe Dioko. Good bass amount, never too much, tight response. Midrange is natural, easy to listen to, and correct. Treble is non-offensive but lively enough.

Summary…it’s versatile and probably the most correct (and “Best”) tuning in planar right now. It plays everything well. The only criticism is the lack of overall “wow” factor.

Techinical wise, Talos is competitive. Up there with S12 and Timeless range. I won’t say for sure yet where it will place between all three.

lol…“brief” comparison…


Hi Timmy, I see you like the QDC VX, have you heard also the V14? can you possibly compare?
TIA :pray:

I stopped watching preview videos as I feel there isn’t enough info there. But now you got me interested.

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Nice! Been waiting for a while for you to create your own thread, Timmy. Been watching for channel for a solid year now - welcome aboard my friend :metal:

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Thank you for the “brief” comparison :laughing:

From your description of Talos, it sounds like it’s a less V shape Timeless/S12.

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I’ve been trying to find a demo unit of the V14 for a while now. They don’t have them here in Osaka sadly.

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Thanks man! Welcome!

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I would say it’s more of a neutral with bass boost. Not really V, if it’s V than it’s very mild at best.


You said Talos is a different breast with ba on; could you expand on that?

It becomes quite sharp and sibiliancy with the BA switch.

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Timmy, welcome! Thanks for all the banger vids you put out :sunglasses: I got 2 questions for ya:

  1. Do you think the mid-range on the Prestige is just as good/better/worse than the Monarch MK2? (tech and vocals). I loved the mid-range on the MMK2 when I demoed it, but had issues with the timbre of the treble, as well as being a little underwhelmed by the “just-good” bass.
  2. How does the Diva’s midrange and technicalities stack up against the Prestige/MMK2?

I know you only had brief moments with them, but I was just curious since I’m currently eyeing the Diva or the Prestige for my (hopefully) endgame set.

After watching your last few videos, I tend to agree with you on Chu, SSR, Oxygen/Hana21, BL-03 and Timeless. It’s nice to jive with a reviewer so I can better assess my next IEM using your reviews and ranking list.


So, Linsoul actually told me the Prestige they had at the event was just a prototype tuning and the final one might be very different. They said they might go for a Monarch MK2 but with better treble as the tuning choice.

Diva’s midrange is insanely good. Different from Monarch MK2. Diva is more in your face vocal wise but still retains correct tonality. Monarch MK2 is more naturally presented. Both top tier mids for me, just depends on what you want.