God tier home theater set up?

Has anyone thought about what they’d buy if they could afford an absolute cost no object home theatre set up?
I was thinking kef reference
Or klipsch Cornwall 4 with heresy 4s as centres
With monoblocks for the front channels

I would just by more bb6 xbd-a for a surround and it would be crazy. Although I really can’t talk much here since I don’t watch movies or tv lol

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Lol yeah. I’ve been thinking about my long term home theater project and what speakers and amps I want and I have no idea. Was initially thinking about powered monitors hooked to a preamp processor too lol


Question is if it is possible to pull off.

This one guy did lol

Theres also that home theatre McIntosh put together themselves

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But yeah, as my career is film oriented and I’ve always been a movies and game buff, I have been designing an empty office as a home theatre once it has been renovated.

Sonic reference only.
32 channel Genelec surround With proper digital amp.
Fully digital system. Only need’s to change / upgrade picture sending/showing gear in future.

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There are other references monitors that are interesting. Including focal that would work great for that

For me it would be 7.2 SVS Ultra with the a high end Marantz and 4k Projector

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That’s pretty awesome. Though I would still personally have a processor that went out to monoblocks for the main channels and 2 stereo amps for the the rears

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rubbish and lies.
Not for me. Focal’s lack features by miles… sound might be ok but would not build a God Tier home theater with them. That kinda was the point of all this, right?

I mean genelecs are nice but I don’t think they are God tier (although I don’t really think there is a God tier speaker anyway)

Might be true since… how there would be lvl like that since no God anyways.
Atleast a heavy hitter: per one.
130 dB
17 Hz – 26 kHz (-6 dB)
± 2 dB (21 Hz - 20 kHz)
2 x 18" bass, 2 x 5" mids 1" comp tweeter with DCW™
2 x 1000 W, 2 x 400 W, 250 W
H 1180 x W 960 x D 650 mm
182 kg, RAM-XL: 11,2 kg

I mean 3 of those at start in front. Might make eargasm’s and fear.

I mean I’m just saying I haven’t heard a genelec rival my pmc yet in the appropriate room

Yeah the god tier is mostly in relation to the total multichannel surround set up which includes the processors and amps

Genelecs require their own internal per speaker dsp room correction software to work effectively from what I recall
Focals are dumb enough you can hook up a dirac live enabled processor or a mini dsp internal corrections and work with that

Well I would say if you wanted a god tier home theater setup you wouldn’t need any dsp or room correction because you would build the room around your speakers so it would already have almost ideal acoustics

The main appeal of genelecs imo is their great automatic correction, but if you build a room for the speakers or custom speakers for the room genelec looses it’s value imo as it can be beat out by these higher tier speakers


Yeah. The goal for me is to ultimately treat the room. If I had the money I’m interesting in having the front 3 channels be powered by those new mcintosh c91 amps that are biamped monoblocs with a tubes for high frequencies and solid state for mids and lows

Since we are people only and we make mistakes. Designer or the builders or any in the chain.
If the room would not be ideal (like most are in real life), it’s much harder to change or fix it, than make few clicks and corrections correct’s things better than they would have been. With any other.
I mean it’s ideal of you don’t have to correct but if you have the option and make it as good it can be. Gold. No need to fiddle with other accessories.