Gold Planar GL20


Have anyone tried the Gold Planar GL20?
Was looking at them on Aliexpress and for the price was curious.

Would like to have them either with a Elecom Bluetooth cable or FiiO BTR5 for using it at home for my phone and computer as part of my WFH setup.

Unless you have a way to EQ I’d say to pass on open back planar in ears. They tend to have horrible tonality. As an owner of a isine 10 previously I can say that EQ will help them shine, and then comfort has to be good for you too etc.

Edit: if they are mids heavy like the isine models then yea man they should work for spoken voice in a wfh environment tho. Sorry I didnt see that part.

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Found some graphs on the GL20s and they are close to the iSine from what I can tell, so should do the job.

but do someone on the forum have or have had them?

I did post about these awhile back and this was @Chocolate_Bear 's response…

“These look suspiciously familiar. If these are rebranded Monolith M350’s, you’re gonna want to stay away from these. Substantial roll off around 2K and it never peaks back up. It was the oddest and strangest thing I’ve ever heard, but maybe Goldenplanar fixed the issue (pending a rebrand confirmation).”


Cool then I have to decide if the 100 bucks are worth the try. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t do it! Just spring for the Audeze iSine 10 or 20 if you’re looking for this type of design. However, from what I’ve read from other reviews, you still need the cypher cable or EQ the crap out of those to make it sound good.

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Are the iSine that much better compared to the price difference?

Unfortunately I haven’t heard the iSine’s, just read reviews and checked out the frequency response graphs. Audeze was selling B-stock iSine 10’s for $150 just a few months ago and I imagine they will do so again at the end of the year.

If it comes as B-stock or sale then yeah it will be better.

I ended up buying a pair of GL20 from Linsoul together with a pair of Shuoer Tape Pro on 11.11.
Had them for a few hours now, and I really like them - will need to order other tips for testing and a new cable due to being a bit short and I would like to have it balanced. :slight_smile:


My review is coming out and I love them. Guess I am about to ruin the consensus. Also they aren’t available anymore and that makes me sad.


Just bought a pair off ebay after watching a review and came here to feel good about the money I’ve spent. I’m worried now lol. I’ll get them around may the 20th, and will post my impressions here.

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I love mine!
It has become my most used headphone by far since it came home.

Will there come a review for them?

No. It’s not my thing and it is discontinued on top of that. I think it is discontinued?

It’s not really discontinued. Linsoul just decided to stop taking the GL20 in. The Gold Planar itself is still producing the GL20. It’s still on the Taobao page. I guess anyone interested can order it directly to Taobao.

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That’s nice to hear ! Do you have any advices on what tips and cable to use and how to EQ them if it’s necessary ? It is my fist pair of open back planar IEM and I don’t really know what to expect.

Have not (sadly) gotten around for swapping tips, using the stock ones right now and they do an okay job but not great.
The choice of cable was a cheapish MMCX to 2.5MM from AliExpress for testing if it was worth upgrading further.

I am no EQ expert, have played a little on my PowerDac V2 - but actually think they sound decent out of the box.
They are my first open back planar IEM too, as there are not many too choose from :smiley:
Been a over-ear headphone guy always, so this together with Shuoer Tape Pro was my first real IEM purchase.


Ordered a set today, from AliExpress. Also with mmcx 2.5 balanced. Will be used on the BTR5 and the Gustard H16. Upgrade from the BL-03.

Can’t wait to try these :slight_smile:

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